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What are different home remedies for Boils? – Part 2

What is a Boil?
• A boil or furuncle is a bacterial infection with pus that develops around a hair follicle
• Boils are very contagious and potentially serious as they can spread.
• A boil starts out as a tender, red, hot, tense bump and matures into a yellowish point within 2 to 4 days.
• The boil can burst open, discharging pus which can relieve some of the pain.
• Boils heal with scarring.
• Boils usually occur in areas that are hairy or that are exposed to lots of movement and friction.
• The most common bacteria found in boils are Staphylococcus aureus (staph bacteria).

These include areas:
• under the belt
• on the neck
• face
• scalp
• underarms
• buttocks

Symptoms of Boils
• The skin around the boil becomes infected.
• It turns red, painful, warm, and swollen.
• More boils may appear around the original one.
• A fever may develop.
• Lymph nodes may become swollen.

Home Remedies for Boils

12. Garlic and Onion
• Onion juice or garlic juice may be applied on boils externally.
• This will ripe them break and evacuate the pus.
• Juices of both these vegetables can be mixed in equal quantities and applied on the boil.

13. Betel Leaves
• A betel leaf is gently warmed till it softens.
• Coat it with a layer of castor oil.
• Spread the oiled leaf over the inflamed part.
• Replace this every few hours.
• After applying a few times, boil ruptures and drains out all the pus.

14. Cumin Seeds
• Cumin seeds are ground to a paste in water.
• This cumin seed paste is applied to boils.

15. Margosa Leaves
• Margosa leaves can be either used as a poultice, liniment or decoction.
• To make the decoction, boil 15 gm of margosa leaves in 500 ml water till it is reduced by one-third.

16. Parsley
• Steep parsley in boiled water till it becomes soft and juicy.
• When it is comfortably hot, wrap it in a clean muslin or linen cloth and apply it on the boils as a poultice.

17. Turmeric
• Applying turmeric powder on boils speeds healing process.
• In case of fresh boils, roast a few dry roots of turmeric and dissolve the ashes in a cupful of water.
• Then apply this over the affected areas.
• This solution aids boils to ripen and burst.

Diet for Boils

1. Fast on Orange Juice with Water
• Cleanse your system thoroughly for treatment of boils.
• Begin the fast with orange juice diluted in water on a 50:50 basis for three to four days.
• Go exclusively on fresh juicy fruits from five to seven days.

2. Well-Balanced Diet
• All-fruit diet can be a good nutritious diet after the short fast.
• This can help the immune system fight the infection.
• Maintain an overall healthy diet.
• This includes using fresh and unprocessed foods as close to the natural state.
• Eat whole grains, leafy green vegetables, fruit, and proteins, with a minimum of animal fat.
• Restrict intake of sugary and refined carbohydrates to a minimum.
• Avoid tea, coffee and sugary starchy foods.
• Avoid chocolates, pastries, sweets, cakes, white sugar and white bread especially.
• Avoid all condiments, sauces and pickles.

Other Boils Treatments

1. Warm-Water Enema
• A warm water enema given daily helps to cleanse the bowels.
• This should be done during the initial juice fast or during all fruit diet.

2. Warm Moist Compresses
• Apply warm moist compresses three to four times a day over tender areas.
• This will help to bring the boil to a head and promote easy drainage.

3. Hot Epsom salts Bath
• A hot Epsom salt bath greatly benefits in boil treatment.
• It should be used twice or thrice a week until boils persist.
• Thereafter do it once in a week.

4. Dry Massage followed by Cold Sponge
A daily dry massage every morning followed by a cold water sponge is another helpful measure.

5. Breathing and Outdoor Exercises
• Fresh air, outdoor exercises and breathing exercises are essential.
• This helps in toning up the system.

6. Avoid Constipation
• Take all measures to overcome constipation.
• Chronic constipation can have a negative effect on your overall health.
• It can also cause sallow unhealthy skin that is susceptible to boils.
• Increase your intake of fiber and fluids to deal with this problem.

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