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What are different home remedies for Bruises? – Part 1

What is a Bruise?

• A Bruise is a very common skin injury that occurs when tiny blood vessels are harmed due to a bump on your soft skin tissue.
• Medically this is known as contusion.
• In this process the blood vessels are damaged leaving behind a blue or black mark.
• Sometimes it is due to weakening of the skin tissue.
• The capillary walls become fragile which causes bruising.
• The aging thin skin also leads to bruising.

Causes of Bruising

• During a rigorous exercise session.
• Bumping or banging against something.
• Bruises due to a fall or getting hit during sports activities.
• Fragile condition of skin.

Home Remedies for Bruising

1. Vitamin P
• Have food which is high on bioflavonoid, also known as Vitamin P.
• Bioflavonoid functions as the protector of the capillaries by keeping it healthy.
• These are also anti-inflammatory and reduce inflammation.
• Bioflavonoid is present in lemons, green peppers, broccoli and rose hips.
• Have bioflavonoid with vitamin C as it is easily absorbed in your body.

2. St. Johns Wort
• This is known to have done wonders for bruises.
• Its anti-bacterial and astringent properties make it apt for treating them.
• Add few drops of St. John Wort tincture to an organic oil or cream and apply it on the affected area.
• The skin would absorb the tincture which would help in the healing process.

3. Arnica, yarrow and Chamomile infusion
• Use herbal infusion made of Arnica, Yarrow, and Chamomile.
• This infusion contains minimal proportion of antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
• This infusion will speed the healing of the bruise.

4. Cabbage
• Cabbage contains anti-inflammatory properties.
• This when applied in emaciated form on bruises or swelling can help the healing of bruises.

5. Arnica
• Arnica works great for bruises or sprains.
• It has wonderful and useful properties to provide healing.
• Use few drops of arnica tincture in a cup of water and soak a clean cloth and apply this cloth for bandaging.

6. Parsley
• Parsley is another herb which has abundant supply of vitamins.
• This works as a therapeutic treatment for the wound.
• Apply crushed parsley on the bruised area.
• Repeat this procedure till the blue or black marks disappear forever.

7. Witch Hazel
• Having a soothing bath with Witch Hazel helps in circulation of the blood.
• It helps in the healing process.
• The astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties attribute in makes it a good home remedy.

8. Onion
• If the skin hasn’t been damaged because of the bruise, then use a slice of raw onion to get relief.
• Dice an onion and place the piece over the bruised area.

9. Ice cold water
• Ice cold water is also known to bring good relief from the pain due to the bruise.
• Placing an ice pack or a compress dipped in ice cold water, or bathing the bruised area in ice cold water can constrict the blood vessels providing relief.

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