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What are the different home remedies for Cystitis?

What is meant by Cystitis?
• Cystitis refers to urinary bladder inflammation which result from any one of a number of distinct syndromes.
• This is commonly caused by a bacterial infection.
• It is referred to as a urinary tract infection.

Symptoms for Cystitis
– Pressure in the lower pelvis
– Painful urination
– Frequent urination (polyuria)
– Urgent need to urinate (urinary urgency)
– Need to urinate at night
– Urine which contains traces of blood (haematuria)
– Strong smelling urine
– Pain above the pubic bone
– The lower back or abdomen pain
– Weak or feverish feeling.

Home Remedies for Cystitis

1. Cystitis treatment using Cucumber Juice
• Cucumber juice is one of the most useful home remedies in the treatment of cystitis.
• It is an effective diuretic.
• A cup of this juice when mixed with one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of fresh lime juice is effective.
• This solution should be taken three times daily.

2. Cystitis treatment using Drumstick Flowers
• The fresh juice of the flowers of drumstick is another effective remedy.
• A teaspoon of the juice, mixed with half a glass of tender coconut water, should be given.
• Administer this twice daily.
• It acts as a diuretic in the treatment of cystitis.

3. Cystitis treatment using Radish Leaves
• The juice of radish leaves is valuable in treating cystitis.
• A cup of this juice should be given once daily, in the morning, for a fortnight.

4. Cystitis treatment using Lady’s Fingers
• Fresh lady’s fingers are useful in cystitis.
• A decoction made of 100 gm of lady’s fingers and 200 ml of water should be taken twice daily.

5. Cystitis treatment using Spinach
• A quantity of 100 ml of fresh spinach juice should be taken with an equal quantity of tender coconut water.
• Take this solution twice a day.
• It acts as a very effective and safe diuretic.
• It is a combination of both nitrates and potassium.

6. Cystitis treatment using Lemon
• Lemon has proved valuable in cystitis.
• A teaspoon of lemon juice should be put in 180 ml of boiling water and allowed to cool.
• 60 ml of this water should be taken every two hours from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
• This eases the burning sensation and also stops bleeding in cystitis.

7. Cystitis treatment using Barley
• Half a glass each of barley gruel, mixed with buttermilk and the juice of half a lime is helpful in treating cystitis.
• It is an excellent diuretic.
• It should be taken twice daily.

8. Cystitis treatment using Sandalwood Oil
• The oil of sandalwood is also considered valuable in this disease.
• This oil should be given in doses of five drops in the beginning.
• Gradually it should be increased to ten to thirty drops.
• The efficacy of this oil can be increased by the addition of one teaspoon of carom seeds mixed in a glass of water.
• Ten grams of ginger can also be mixed in a cup water.

Dietaries for Cystitis

• Withhold all solid foods, water or tender coconut water.
• Raw vegetable juices especially carrot juice.
• After all-fruit diet move on to well-balanced diet.

Other Cystitis treatments

• Take rest and keep warm.
• Immerse pelvis in hot water to relieve pain.
• Apply cold compresses on abdomen.

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