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What are different home remedies for Congestion? – Part 3

What is Congestion?
• There are different types of congestion and the most common type being chest and nasal congestion.
• It can be described as the accumulation of excessive fluid and mucus in your lungs.

Symptoms for Congestion
• bad cough
• pain in the chest area
• breathing difficulties
• urge to clear the throat over and over
• tickling sensation at the back of the throat, caused by excess mucus
• severe headaches
• tightness in the chest area
• difficulties in talking as well as swallowing
• labored breathing
• wheezing

Causes for Congestion
• common cold
• allergies
• post-nasal drip or flu
• asthma
• bronchitis
• pertussis
• pneumonia
• tuberculosis

Home Remedies for Congestion

15. Treatment using Fenugreek seeds
• Boil some fenugreek seeds in 250 ml of water.
• Remove from flame when one-third of it is left.
• Add one teaspoonful of ginger juice and one teaspoonful of honey in it.
• It is highly beneficial for the relief of congestion.

16. Treatment using Turmeric and honey
• Turmeric can be taken along with honey in the morning on empty stomach to reduce the intensity of attack.
• It is one of the most useful natural remedy for congestion.

17. Treatment using Fennel seeds
• Regular chewing of fennel helps expel infected mucous from the chest.
• This helps in preventing congestion.

18. Treatment using Mustard oil
• During the attack, mustard oil mixed with little camphor should be massaged over the back of the chest.

19. Steam with caraway seeds
• The patient should also be made to inhale steam from boiling water mixed with ajwain (caraway seeds).
• This is one of the simplest treatments.

20. Treatment using Humidifiers
• Use some humidifiers in your room for a few hours every day.
• This will help soothe the irritation and inflammation of the air passageways.
• Both warm and cool mist humidifiers can be used to help to get rid of the mucus in the airways.
• This will also help you get rid of your cough.

21. Treatment using Onion
• Onions have been used as a remedy for bronchitis for centuries.
• They are said to possess expectorant properties.
• They liquefy phlegm and prevent its further formation.
• One teaspoon of raw onion juice should be taken first thing in the morning for best results.

22. Treatment using Warm Salt Water
• Gargling with warm salt water can help you loosen the phlegm in your airways and the bronchioles.
• Simply add a spoon of salt to lukewarm water and gargle with it twice a day.
• Do it once in the morning and once in the evening.
• In addition to this, drinking warm water with some turmeric.
• This will also help you to get rid of the infection and soothe the inflamed airways.
• Acute bronchitis treatment should also include adequate rest for the patient. This will help in relieving congestion.

General Tips

• Air, sun and water are also great healing agents.
• The patient should sit in fresh air for sometime daily.
• Try to avoid dusty places, exposure to cold, mental worries and tensions.

Diet for Congestion

– Orange Juice and Water
• The patient should fast on orange juice and water.
• This should be done till the acute symptoms subside.
• Later, he should adopt an all-fruit diet for two or three days.

– All-fruit Diet and then Well-balanced Diet
• The patient can begin with an all-fruit diet for five to seven days.
• Take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits.
• After the all-fruit diet, follow a well-balanced diet with emphasis on seeds, nuts, grains, raw vegetables, and fresh fruits.
• For drinks, unsweetened lemon water, or cold/hot plain water may be taken.

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