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What are different home remedies for enema?

What is Enema?
• Enema is known as one of the natural ways of getting your colon cleaned.
• It is one of the simplest remedy to help one to wash away all your stomach problems.
• It is a procedure wherein a fluid is put into the rectum and colon via the anus to remove the toxins.
• A lubricant is massaged inside the anus and rectum to relax you and the nozzle or rectal tube is inserted.
• This liquid treatment is adhered to clear the bowel.
• This will induce better functioning of the bowel.
• This will cleanse and provide therapeutic benefits.

Need for Enema Treatment
• Constipation
• Hemorrhoid
• Colitis
• Detoxification
• Bowel blockage

Home Remedies for enema (types of enema)

1. Barium Enema or Lower Gastrointestinal examination
• This type of enema is used in clinics and hospitals.
• This is done when an X-ray examination of the large intestine is done.
• This test helps to diagnose diseases and other health problems which are related to the large intestine.
• The barium solution makes the intestine visible on an x-ray picture.
• It helps to know the intestine is in a good or bad condition.

2. Coffee Enema
• This type of enema helps in detoxification of the liver.
• The caffeine in coffee is directly absorbed into the system and enters the liver.
• This will detoxify it from the toxins.
• It causes the liver to produce more bile.
• This is later flushed out from the small intestine.
• Use regular ground coffee and not the instant coffee to make the enema solution.

3. Yoghurt Enema
Homemade yoghurt is very good for enema. It has live bacteria which help in cleansing. This enema is used for people suffering from:
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Constipation
• Colon cancer
• Hemorrhoids

4. Lemon Juice Enema
• It is very useful in cleansing the colon from the feces.
• It is done by using 1/3 cup of lemon juice per quart.
• This enema may cause further cramping.

5. Garlic Epsom Salt Enema
• One will need 3 cloves of chopped garlic in 2 quarts of water.
• Bring it to boil and later simmer it for 5 minutes and add 2 tbsp of Epsom salt.
• When warm use it as the enema solution.

6. Epsom Salt Enema
• This type of enema is very useful for the colon.
• The Epsom salt present in the water increases the amount of water absorbed by the intestine.
• It provides a laxative effect.
• This has been recommended as a cleanser.

7. Salt Water Enema
• The presence of salt in the enema solution reduces the transfer of water into and out of the colon.
• This prevents accumulation of water in kidneys and bladder.

8. Milk Enema
• This can be made by using 1 1/2 quart of warm water with 16 oz. of warm milk and 1 tbsp olive oil.
• To maintain a proper temperature you can heat the milk in a microwave.
• Pour the warm milk, olive oil and warm water in the enema bag.
• To make a milk and honey recipe you can add 1 tbsp of honey.

9. Salt and Soda Enema
• Use 1 tbsp sea salt, 1 tbsp baking soda and 2 quarts of water.
• This works greatly to clear away the toxins present in the colon.

10. Glycerin and Mineral Oil Enema
• This cleansing agent requires 1 1/2 quart of warm water, 2 tbsp of salt, 2 tbsp of mineral oil and 2 tbsp of glycerin.
• This solution works on colon by cleansing it.
• The salt water maintains the absorption to a minimum.
• The oil and glycerin are useful for cleaning.

11. Vinegar Enema
Use 2 tbsp white vinegar with 2 quarts of warm water.

12. Other enemas
• Wheat grass enema
• Mineral oil enema

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