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What are different home remedies for Dark Underarms? – Part 1

Dark Underarms are caused by:
– Strong Chemicals
– Too Much Shaving
– Dead Skin Build Up
– Medical Conditions
– Friction

Home Remedies for Dark Armpits or Underarms

1. Rub lemon slices on your armpits.
2. Use alum powder instead of deodorants.
3. After a shower add or rub some baking soda on your armpits.
4. Apply vitamin E oil on your armpits.
5. Wash your armpits with coconut oil.

6. Juice mix
• Make a paste using 1 tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder.
• Apply it on your armpits.
• Wash it after 20 minutes.
• Use it at least four times a week.
• Lime juice is acidic in nature.
• It will help to get rid of any excess sweat, oil, and grime on the surface of the skin.
• It will also help to get rid of the upper layer of dead skin.
• This will help to whiten dark underarms.
• This dark underarms solution is excellent in reducing body odor.
• The cucumber juice in this remedy will soothe the chaffed skin.
• It will aid the healing process.
• Turmeric is well known for its effectiveness in treating minor skin problems.
• It has high antioxidant levels.
• It helps to reduce skin discoloration.

7. Homemade Paste
• Apply a paste of 1 tbsp. Curd, 1 tsp. Gram flour, pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp. Milk on your underarms.
• Rinse with cold water after drying.
• Apply paste of rose water and sandalwood powder on the underarms.
• Curd and yogurt are both extremely effective in treating discolored underarms.
• They contain several vitamins and fatty acids.
• These acids help to prevent as well as treat skin damage.
• Use unsweetened and unflavored curd or yogurt.
• Use curd that has been made from whole milk and not skimmed milk.

8. Sandalwood and Rosewood
• Sandalwood and rosewood are extremely soothing.
• This will help to reduce discoloration that is caused by constant chaffing.
• Make a rejuvenating skin cream to apply to underarms at night to treat the discoloration.

9. Oils
• Pour two tablespoons of pure water into a small bottle and then add three drops each of olive oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil and any citrus oil.
• Shake the contents well to form a milky emulsion.
• Apply this lotion to your underarms.
• Olive oil is rich in natural oleic acid that is an excellent skin moisturizer.
• Wheat germ and jojoba oils contain several fat soluble vitamins and fatty acids.
• Citrus oils are acidic in nature and help to bleach the skin naturally.
• Use this cream on a daily basis.
• It is an excellent dark underarm treatment.

10. Lemon and honey
• A mixture of one tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey can be applied to the armpits before bath
• Leave it to dry for 25-30 minutes
• Rinse it off with warm water
• This is another effective home treatment for lightening dark underarms
• Mix a tablespoon of fresh yogurt with some dried orange peel powder
• This mixture can be regularly applied to the armpits to effectively remove dark underarms

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