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What are different home remedies for Defective Vision? – Part 1

What is Defective Vision?
• Myopia or short-sightedness refers to the inability to see far-off objects clearly.
• It is a highly prevalent condition.

Symptoms of Defective Vision
• Begins with blurred vision with far-off objects
• Itching and heaviness in the eyes, mild headache
• Headaches or Migraines
• Fatigue
• Vertigo and Dizziness
• Pain in the Eye
• Red, Watery Eyes
• Blurred or Double Vision
• Dry eyes that feel scratchy
• Burning sensation when you close your eyes
• Neck aches
• Back aches
• Aching heaviness of the eyelids or forehead, especially around the eyebrows
• Muscle spasm in the muscles surrounding the eyes
• Twitch in the eyelid

Causes of Defective Vision
• Mental strain, wrong food habits and improper blood and nerve supply
• Reading in dim light or too glaring a light
• Computers
• Glare from Bright Lights
• Pregnancy
• Reading
• Driving
• Television

Home Remedies for Defective Vision

1. Defective Vision treatment using Vitamin A
• The intake of vitamin A is of importance for improved vision.
– The best sources of this vitamin are:
• raw spinach
• turnip tops
• milk cream
• cheese
• butter
• tomatoes
• lettuce
• carrots
• cabbage
• soya beans
• green peas
• fresh milk
• oranges
• dates

2. Defective Vision treatment using Triphala
• Triphala, a famous Ayurvedic preparation, is considered beneficial in the treating myopia.
• This preparation consists of three myrobalans.
• They are embelica myrobalan (indian gooseberry), chebulic myrobalan (harad), and belleric myroblan (bahera).
• A decoction of this preparation should be made by mixing thirty grams of Triphala in half a litre of water.
• It should be taken by mouth.
• It is used for washing the eyes twice a day.
• This will bring good results if used for some months.

3. Defective Vision treatment using Liquorice
• Half a teaspoon of powder of the Licorice root, mixed with an equal quantity of honey and half the quantity of clarified butter, should be taken twice daily along with a cup of milk.
• Take it on an empty stomach for treating this condition.

4. Defective Vision treatment using Chicory
• The herb chicory or endive is extremely valuable in defective vision.
• It contains food elements which are constantly needed by the optic system.
• It is one of the richest sources of vitamin A.
• The addition of juices of carrot, celery, and parsley to chicory juice makes it a highly nourishing food.
• This is very helpful for the optic nerve and the muscular system.
• It can bring amazing results in correcting eye defects.
• Half a litre to one litre of this combination should be taken daily.
• The formula proportions considered useful in this combination are 200 ml of carrot juice, 150 ml of celery juice, 75 ml of endive juice and 75 ml of parsley juice to make half a liter of this combination.

5. Defective Vision treatment using Carrot juice
• Carrot juice is proved to be very helpful in the treatment for defective vision.
• Daily intake of fresh carrot juice is found to have significant role in preventing the defects of eyesight.
• About 80 ml of celery juice or parsley juice can also be taken.
• Take it once every day which is useful in curing the imperfect vision.

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