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What are different home remedies for Defective Vision? – Part 2

What is Defective Vision?
• Myopia or short-sightedness refers to the inability to see far-off objects clearly.
• It is a highly prevalent condition.

Symptoms of Defective Vision
• Begins with blurred vision with far-off objects
• Itching and heaviness in the eyes, mild headache
• Headaches or Migraines
• Fatigue
• Vertigo and Dizziness
• Pain in the Eye
• Red, Watery Eyes
• Blurred or Double Vision
• Dry eyes that feel scratchy
• Burning sensation when you close your eyes
• Neck aches
• Back aches
• Aching heaviness of the eyelids or forehead, especially around the eyebrows
• Muscle spasm in the muscles surrounding the eyes
• Twitch in the eyelid

Causes of Defective Vision
• Mental strain, wrong food habits and improper blood and nerve supply
• Reading in dim light or too glaring a light
• Computers
• Glare from Bright Lights
• Pregnancy
• Reading
• Driving
• Television

Home Remedies for Defective Vision

6. Defective Vision treatment using Honey
• Honey is known to be an important home remedy in the case of defective vision.
• About 2.5 ml each of honey and lettuce powder can be mixed well along with ¼ teaspoon of saturated ghee.
• This mixture can be consumed once in a day.
• Consume it along with 200 ml of warm milk.
• Taking this early in the morning is proved to be valuable in curing the defective vision.

7. Defective Vision treatment using Almonds
• These are excellent in the treatment of defective vision.
• Four or five almonds can be soaked in water all night.
• The outer skin can be peeled off.
• These almonds can be consumed after chewing them well.
• This is a very useful remedy for improving the eyesight.

Dietaries for Defective Vision

1. Natural, uncooked foods which include fresh fruits
• Natural, uncooked foods are the best diet for defective vision.
• Cereals are also necessary but sparingly.
• Genuine whole meal bread is the best.
– These foods include fresh fruits such as :
• Oranges
• Apples
• Grapes
• Peaches
• Plums
• Cherries
– Green vegetables like:
• Lettuce
• Cabbage
• spinach
• Turnip tops
– Root vegetables like:
• Potatoes
• Turnips
• Carrot
• Onions
• Beetroots
• Nuts
• Dried fruits
• Dairy products

2. Foods to avoid:
• Jams
• Cakes
• Pastries
• White sugar
• White bread
• Confectionery
• Tea
• Coffee
• Meat
• Fish
• Eggs

Other Defective Vision Treatments

1. Sun Gazing
• One should sit on a bench, facing the rising sun with his eyes closed.
• Gently sway sideways several times for ten minutes.
• Then open the eyes and blink about ten times at the sun.
• Then look at some greenery.

2. Splashing
• Plain cold water should be splashed several times over closed eyes.
• The closed lids should then be rubbed briskly.
• Do this for a minute with a clean towel.
• This cools the eyes.
• It boosts blood supply.

3. Swinging
• Stand with feet twelve inches apart.
• Hands should be held loosely at the sides.
• The whole body and mind should be relaxed.
• Sway the body from side to side gently, slowly, and steadily, with the heels rising alternately but not the rest of the foot.
• This movement may be likened to the slow moving of the pendulum of a clock.
• Swinging should be done in front of a window or a picture.
• The window or picture appears to be moving in the opposite direction of the swing.
• When facing one end of the window or object, one should blink once.
• Practice eye exercises such as blinking or rolling your eyes.
• Blinking moistens the eyes and relieves tight eye muscles.
• Take regular breaks to relax eye muscle.
• Look away from the monitor and focus on a distant object for a few seconds to give your eyes a rest.
• Turn up the contrast on your computer screen to minimize eye strain.

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