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What are different home remedies for frequent urination? – Part 1

What is Frequent Urination?
• It is absolutely normal to urinate anywhere between 4 and 8 times a day.
• If one experiences the urge to urinate more than 8 times a day, it could mean that you are either consuming too much water in the day, or that you suffer from an underlying health problem.
• This problem has affected the strength and functioning of your bladder.
• Frequent urination could affect you throughout the day, even at night.
• There are many people who suffer from nocturia.
• This condition is characterized by the urge to urinate mainly during the night.

There are several factors which include:
• Color of the urine which is different from normal.
• Loss of control on bladder.
• A strong urge to urinate.
• Pain while passing urine.

Symptoms for Frequent Urination
• Moderate to high fever with urinating very often.
• A strong and sudden urge to urinate.
• Pain in your groin, sides or the lower abdominal area.
• Burning sensation or pain during urination.
• Changes in the color of the urine.
• Presence of blood in the urine.

Causes for Frequent Urination
• Water consumption
• Medication
• Excess amount of coffee, tea and aerated drinks
• Drinking alcohol
• Dietary and lifestyle habits

Special conditions can become causes like:
• Diabetes (Both, Type-1 Diabetes, as well a Type-2 Diabetes)
• Pregnancy
• Prostate problems
• Interstitial cystitis
• Use of diuretics
• Neurological diseases or strokes
• Bladder stones or bladder cancer
• Cystocele
• Infection in the kidney
• Undergoing radiation treatment
• Urinary incontinence

Home Remedies for Frequent Urination

1. Monitoring the Intake of Fluids
• Drink 8 glasses of water in the day and do not overdo.
• Choose to drink the right fluids.
• Stay away from coffee, tea, aerated drinks and alcohol.

2. Modify your Diet
• There are certain food items that can irritate the lining of your bladder.
• Restrict the intake of spicy food, chocolate, caffeine and tomato-based products.
• Eat a higher quantity of fiber through your diet.
• Constipation can lead to an overactive bladder.

3. Practice Bladder Control
• This exercise is usually included in overactive bladder syndrome treatment.
• Hold your urine for a longer time than you normally do.
• Over the course of 12 weeks the urinating intervals are also lengthened.
• Train your bladder to hold urine for a longer period of time.

4. Kegel Exercises
• These exercises require you to contract and release your pelvic floor muscles.
• By toning these muscles one shall improve overall bladder control.
• This will reduce the urgency as well as the frequency at which you urinate.
• Kegel exercises are effective when practiced with regularity.

Diet for Frequent Urination

– Some of the foods that can help prevent frequent urination are:
• Squash
• Cherries
• Blueberries
• Cranberries
• Brown rice
• Bananas
• Barley
• Potatoes

– Foods that should be avoided are:
• Caffeinated foods and beverages like chocolate, coffee, tea and aerated drinks
• Spicy food
• Beans
• Spinach
• Strawberries
• Nuts
• Rhubarb
• Beets
• Red meat
• Vinegar
• Fermented food
• Baked products

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