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What are different home remedies for Female Sterility? – Part 2

What is Female Sterility?

• Female sterility or infertility is said to occur when a woman is unable to get pregnant.
• This is usually after trying unsuccessfully for at least a year.
• Infertility is also likely to be diagnosed when a woman experiences repeated miscarriages.

Causes for Female Sterility

The cause of infertility may be attributed to various factors like:
• Age
• Underlying medical conditions
• Diet
• Lifestyle
• Poor quality of the eggs
• Scarring of the ovaries
• Problems in the follicles
• Blockages in the fallopian tubes
• Infection, disease, ectopic pregnancy or congenital irregularities of the tube
• Endometriosis
• Inability to produce mature eggs
• Abnormalities in the uterus
• Hormonal imbalances
• Waiting too long to have children
• Treatments such as radiation therapy
• Exposure to certain toxins and chemicals

Other factors
• Poor diet
• Smoking
• Alcohol consumption
• Drug abuse

Symptoms for Female Sterility

• Irregular menstrual cycle
• Advances in age
• Weight and being either overweight or underweight
• Recurrent miscarriages

Home Remedies for Female Sterility

8. Egg Plant
• Consume egg plant along with buttermilk for about a period of two months.

9. Black Cohosh
• Black cohosh is a popular herb for female sterility.
• This has positive effects on menstruation.
• It is also thought to encourage proper implantation of the fertilized egg.

10. Dong Quai
• Dong quai is another herb which helps to regulate menstruation.
• It should not be used during the days of menstrual bleeding.
• It has blood thinning properties.
• One can prepare a decoction of dong quai by adding a couple of teaspoons of the herb to a cup of boiling water.
• Brew this water for about ten minutes.
• Then drink this solution.

11. Chaste Berry
• Chaste berry helps to balance hormonal levels in the body.
• This focuses on the pituitary gland.
• It is beneficial for women especially who experience problems in ovulation.
• This is because of high prolactin levels.
• Chaste berry is available in the form of capsules, liquid extract or tinctures.

12. Dried Berries
• One may also consume the dried berries.
• The uterine lining can be strengthened by consuming a mixture of red raspberry leaves with warm water.
• This remedy should be discontinued once conception occurs.

13. Massage Therapy
• Many women find massage therapy to be effective in encouraging natural conception.
• It increases the chances of pregnancy after fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization.
• Massage helps to regulate menstruation and ovulation.
• Uterine fibroids is warm castor oil. Massage on the abdominal area is very beneficial.
• This is a beneficial remedy for the management of problems that are related to female physiological system.

14. Ginger
• Ginger compresses are also believed to help in relieving pain that arises from fibroid.

Diet for Female Sterility

• There are certain contaminants or toxins in foods that affect fertility.
• Female fertility can be improved by making certain changes in the diet.
• Following a healthy balanced diet plan is always good.
– Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.
• They help to enhance reproductive health.
• Many fruits and vegetables such as green leafy vegetables and citric fruits are also high in folate.
• This is an important nutrient for pregnant women.
• Healthy fats such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids may also help increase female fertility.
• These fats are found in avocados, nuts and seeds.
• In case your diet is deficient in any essential nutrients it would be a good idea to consult your doctor or nutritionist.
• Take nutritional supplements if required under advice of a doctor.
• Avoid self medication even with supplements.
• Over dosage with nutrients like vitamins and minerals can also put one at a considerable risk.
• There are also foods which should be avoided as they may affect fertility levels in women.

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