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What are different home remedies for premature graying of hair?

What is Premature Graying of Hair?

• Premature graying of hair refers to the graying of hair in young or before the age of 35 years.
• Gray hair is caused by gradual reduction of Melanin production overtime in Hair follicle.
• Melanin is the pigment that gives color and smoothness to the hair.
• The degree of darkness of the hair depends on how much melanin each hair has.
• The hair begins to lose its color and strength when there is less Melanin in the Hair follicle.

Causes of premature graying of hair

• Nutrition deficiency
• Stress
• Heredity
• Thyroid imbalance
• Vitiligo
• Vitamin B12 deficiency
• Anemia
• Excessive heating of hair
• Unclean scalp
• Vitamin deficiencies: vitamin B12
• Eggs, meat and milk has this vitamin
• Thyroid gland problems
• Early menopause
• Vitiligo

Home remedies for treating Premature Greying of Hair

1. Indian gooseberry or gooseberry
• This is one of the most effective treatments for curing gray hair
• Either massage your scalp with gooseberry or drink juice extracted from Indian gooseberry
• This great Indian herb has proved to reverse the effects of graying of hair.

2. Coconut oil and lemon
Combination of coconut oil and lemon massage is helpful for preventing gray hair.

3. Ritha
• Soak 10 rithas and 3 acacia concinna pods overnight.
• Next morning add some amount of water to the soaked mixture.
• Bring the mixture to a boil.
• Cool and strain.
• Use the strained mixture as your shampoo.
• Soak about 12 dried indian gooseberry or gooseberry and use the starined mixture as a hair conditioner.
• This blend of rithas, shikaki and indian gooseberry is a magical remedy.
• This remedy will give you smooth and shiny hair.
• It will inhibit the process of premature graying of hair.

4. Lemon and castor and henna

• Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, castor oil and henna.
• Apply the mixture on your scalp.
• Allow it to dry.
• Wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner after one hour.
• This will stop premature graying of hair.

5. Black tea

• Add salt to strong black tea.
• Strain the mixture after it gets cooled.
• Massage the roots of your hair with this strained mixture.
• Wash your hair after half an hour.

6. Butter

Butter prepared from cow’s milk is beneficial in treating of premature white hair.

7. Ribbed gourd

Ribbed gourd can also be used in same way as Gooseberries.

8. Sesame seeds
• Eat Sesame seeds daily.
• Applying its oil regularly will help gray hair to turn black.

9. Guava leaves
• Apply Guava (Amrud) leaves grinded.
• Apply them regularly on the hair before taking bath.
• This will help gray hair to turn black slowly.

10. Cow Ghee
Massaging scalp regularly with Cow ghee helps to overcome gray hair problem.

Diet for gray hair

– Diet must include foods that are rich in minerals like:
• Iron
• Sodium
• Copper
• Vitamin B
– Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is also beneficial.
– Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and they help in fighting the free radicals which cause premature graying.
– Avoid coffee and tea consumption as it curbs the effect of the nutrients.

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