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What are different home remedies for treating Low Immunity?

What is meant by low immunity?

• Due to the problem of low immunity, people suffer from many diseases.
• Different persons have different level of immunity.
• Immune system works like an active defense system of the body.
• This system works against the foreign bodies by identifying them and fighting with them.
• In most cases this system fights the disease causing germs which succeeds in invading the body.
• These foreign bodies are termed as pathogens.

Some of the important symptoms of low immunity

• Severe infections
• Getting sick with cold and flu very often
• Frequent cold sores
• Sores
• Frequent genital herpes
• Swollen lymph glands
• Unlimited growth of body cells

Causes of Low Immunity disorder

• Stress
• Unbalanced diet
• Diet lacking major nutrients and vitamins
• Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Surgery involving organ transplant
• Use of anti rejection drugs
• Reduced stomach acidity
• Age factor
• Addiction to alcohol or drugs
• Cancer
• Lymphoma and Leukemia
• Genetic disorders

Home Remedies for Low Immunity

• Proper diet plays an important role in curing this problem
• One should include whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal etc to the diet.
• Take broccoli, nuts, carrots and yoghurt.
• Drink tea as well as milk because both these liquids are very effective in building the immune system.

1. Broccoli
• Use of Broccoli is very much effective in improving the immune system.
• Broccoli is very effective in fighting with serious diseases like skin cancer, ulcer, heart diseases and stomach cancer.

2. Yogurt
• Another effective home remedy for low immunity is the use of yogurt.
• Take yogurt in the meal as it increases the production of white blood cells.
• Yogurt is also responsible to keep one away from the common cold and fever.

3. Vitamin C
• Vitamin C is very much helpful and effective as it boosts one’s immunity.
• Vitamin C is very helpful in fighting with different kinds of diseases.
• Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells.
• One should take lemon, tomatoes, amla, papaya, potatoes, strawberries etc regularly.
• These are all rich sources of vitamin C.
• Take sufficient amount of vitamin C in your diet regularly.

4. Milk
• Intake of milk is very essential in improving one’s immune system.
• Milk is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins.

5. Mumio
• This is one of the favoring natural home remedy for the low resistance.
• This is a complex mixture of various substances like beeswax, fossilized honey, and bees’ nests and more often comes out of rocks as a result of the influence of spring water.
• It resembles to raisin in appearance.
• It should be consumed in the form of tablets.
• This helps to improve the overall immunity of the body.

6. Astragalus
• This is a Chinese root.
• This is a well known immune system booster.
• This is used in enhancing the immunity.
• This 6-12 inch root should be boiled along with chicken broth.
• Use it to make a wonderful and tasty soup.
• It helps you to get rid of shortness of breath, ulcers and persisting external infections along with boosting the immunity.

7. Aswagandha
• This is also highly beneficial in improving the immunity of the body.
• This acts on the stress which is the major root cause of low immunity.

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