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What are different home remedies for treating Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia?

What is Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar?

• Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar and is a condition in which there is an abnormally low level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
• Reactive hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar drops to abnormally low levels two to five hours after eating a meal.

Symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia

• Sweating
• Tremors
• Rapid heartbeat
• Anxiety
• Hunger
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Heart palpitations
• Nausea
• Blurred vision
• An inability to concentrate
• Lightheadedness
• Headache
• Irritability
• Fainting spells
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Cravings for sweets
• Confusion
• Night sweats
• Weakness in the legs
• Swollen feet
• A feeling of tightness in chest
• Constant hunger
• Pain in various parts of the body
• Nervous habits
• Mental disturbances
• Insomnia

Causes for low blood sugar

• Over secretion of insulin by the pancreas.
• Pancreas not functioning properly.
• Abnormal carbohydrate metabolism.
• Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol kick in at high levels.

Measures of Blood Sugar

• Normal Blood Glucose levels in people who do not have diabetes:
• Upon waking—fasting: 70 to 99
• After meals: 70 to 140
• Target Blood Glucose levels in people who have diabetes:
• Before meals: 70 to 130
• 1 to 2 hours after the start of a meal: below 180 (All units in mg/dL.)

Home Remedies for Low Blood Sugar

1. Herbs
The following herbs help to normalize blood sugar:
• Angostura bitters (or any combination of bitters)
• Artichoke leaf
• Gentian root
• Astragals
• Licorice root
• Echinacea
• Parsley
• Pau d’arco
• Raspberry leaves
• Uva ursi
• If overused, licorice can elevate blood pressure.
• Do not use this herb on a daily basis.
• Do not use for more than seven days in a row.

2. Bilberry and wild yam aid in controlling insulin levels.
3. Dandelion root is an excellent source of calcium. Dandelion supports the pancreas and liver.
4. Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre), an Ayurvedic herb, suppresses the intestinal absorption of saccharides. Gudmar prevents blood sugar fluctuations.
5. Licorice nourishes the adrenal glands.
6. Milk thistle rejuvenates the liver.

Dietary precautions for Low Blood Sugar

• Alcohol
• Canned and packaged foods
• Refined and processed foods
• Dried fruits
• Salt
• Sugar
• Saturated fats
• Soft drinks
• White flour
• Foods that contain artificial colors or preservatives
• Sweet fruits and juices such as grape and prune

Dietary Supplements
• An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating two small apples (with peels) daily is beneficial.
• Molasses in the form of sherbet can help prevent fainting due to low blood sugar.
• Taking pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and raw nuts.
• Chestnuts, cashews, and coconuts have a lower potassium / higher sodium ratio and hence useful in sustaining higher blood sugar levels.
• Drinking fresh tomato juice daily can treat and cure hypoglycemia within two weeks.
• Wild Yam and bilberry assist in controlling insulin levels.

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