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What are different home remedies for Lethargy?

What is meant by Lethargy?

• Lethargy makes a person drowsy and tired.
• It is a state where one feels lack of energy and indifference.
• One becomes sluggish and inactive in this condition.
• Other symptoms include fatigue and difficulty in falling asleep, pain in different parts of body.

Causes of Lethargy

• Depression
• Head injury
• Hypertension
• Hypotension
• Poor nutrition
• Alcohol or substance abuse
• Diabetes
• Thyroid
• Adrenal gland disorders
• Constipation
• Measles
• Mononucleosis

Home Remedies for Lethargy

1. Home remedies for Lethargy using basil leaves
• Drink a concoction from basil leaves.
• The tea-like drink is a proven home remedy for lethargy.
• It is effective in relieving a tired and sluggish condition.

2. Home remedies for Lethargy using grapefruit and lemon juice
• Regular consumption of a glass of an equal amount of grapefruit and lemon juice is also beneficial.
• One can practice is fasting on fresh sprouts bimonthly.
• A diet profuse with fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables and lots of water can also alleviate the lethargic condition.
• These will provide the needed nutrients.
• This will invigorate the body.
• Having a tall glass of fresh fruit juice is refreshing.
• Energy drinks such as coffee, tea or any herbal drink can sure wake up a lethargic person.

3. Home remedies for Lethargy with Proper Diet
• Processed foods are to be avoided.
• Munching on junk foods brings in plenty of saturated fats to the body.
• This goes as well for canned or processed foods.
• These foods contribute chemicals, some of which might be carcinogenic.
• Cold beverages like soda and heavy drinks such as rich cream milk are to be avoided.
• Regular exercise should be done for one’s physical well-being.
• Live a stress free life.
• Stress causes lethargy.
• Being proactive will give us a better view of life.
• Keep away from stressful activities and exchanges.

Herbal home remedies for Lethargy

Some herbs are considered best relievers from lethargy in Ayurveda like:
– Ashwagandha also known as Winter Cherry
– Shatavari
– Aamlaki or Indian gooseberry
– Guduchi
• These herbs have restorative qualities.
• One can make concoctions of the herbs.
• One can take the direct extract as medication.
• Panchakarma, an Ayurveda massage technique is beneficial to a lethargic person.
• Certain Ayudervic oil preparations are used in the massage which are said to revitalize the totality of the person.
• Another way of managing lethargy is through reflexology and acupressure.
• Pressure points on the palms and the soles of the feet are manipulated by firmly pressing.
• This helps to get the stimulate blood flow for better circulation.

Other Home Remedies for Lethargy

• Drink glucose mixed water for immediate retention of lost nutrients.
• Have electrolyte powder mixed water to retain loss electrolytes.
• Exercise, pranayama, yoga are best way of getting over lethargy.
• Have fresh air early in the morning.
• Have a brisk walk early morning as the air is fresh and pollution free.
• This will help in rejunivating the body.
• Having natural fruit juices, being in natural environment and therapies with the help of aroma, music and other will certainly help relaxing the body and mind.
• Meditation will also help emotionally.

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