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What are different home remedies for Jaundice? – Part 1

What is meant by Jaundice?

• Jaundice is the most common of all liver disorders.
• It is a condition in which yellow discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes occur.
• This yellow color is due to an increase in the bile pigments, namely, bilirubin in the blood.

Jaundice Symptoms

• Extreme weakness
• Headache
• Fever
• Loss of appetite
• Severe constipation
• Nausea
• Yellow discoloration of the eyes, tongue, skin, and urine.
• Dull pain in the liver region

Jaundice Causes

• Obstruction of the bile ducts
• Haemolytic anaemia
• Typhoid
• Malaria
• Yellow fever
• Tuberculosis

Home Remedies for Jaundice

1. Jaundice treatment using Bitter Luffa
• The juice of bitter luffa is an effective remedy for jaundice.
• It is obtained by pounding and squeezing the bitter luffa through cloth.
• The juice should be placed on the palm of the hand and then drawn up through the nostrils.
• This will cause a profuse outflow of a yellow-coloured fluid through the nostrils.
• The toxic matter having been evacuated in a considerable quantity.
• This will provide relief to the patient.
A strong medicine may cause side-effects like:
– Giddiness
– Migraine
– High fever for a short duration
Substitute two to three drops of the fluid obtained by soaking its dry crusts overnight in water.
• This will produce an identical effect.
• Seeds of bitter lnffa can also be used for the same purpose after rubbing in water.

2. Jaundice treatment using Radish Leaves
• The green leaves of radish are valuable remedy for jaundice.
• The leaves should be pounded and their juice extracted through cloth.
• Half a litre of this juice should be taken daily.
• This induces a healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels.
• This results in gradual decrease of the trouble.
• Complete cure can be ensured within eight or ten days.

3. Jaundice treatment using Tomato
• Tomatoes are valuable in jaundice.
• A glass of fresh tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper should be taken early in the morning.
• This is considered an effective remedy for this disease.

4. Jaundice treatment using Pigeon Pea Leaves
• The green leaves of pigeon pea are considered useful in jaundice.
• The juice extracted from these leaves should be taken in doses of 60 ml daily.

5. Jaundice treatment using Almonds, Dried Dates and Cardamoms
• A mixture of almonds, dried dates and cardamoms is as an effective remedy for jaundice.
• Eight kernels of almonds, two dried dates, and five small cardamoms should be soaked overnight in water.
• The outer coating of the almond kernels and the inner seeds of dried dates should be removed
• Remove it the next morning and the whole material should be grinded into a fine paste.
• Then, fifty grams of sugar and an equal amount of butter should be mixed in it.
• The patient should lick this mixture.

6. Jaundice treatment using Sugarcane Juice
• One glass of sugarcane juice that is mixed with the juice of half a lime should be taken twice daily.
• This can help in recovery from jaundice.
• The juice must be clean and preferably prepared at home.
• Resistance is low in jaundice and any infected beverage could worsen the situation.

7. Jaundice treatment using Lemon
• Lemon is also beneficial in the treatment of jaundice.
• The patient should be given 20 ml of lemon juice mixed with water.
• Take it several times a day.
• This will protect the damaged liver cells.

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