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What are different home remedies for Measles?

What is meant by Measles?

• Measles is appearance of rashes or small red pigments all over the body.
• Measles are highly infectious as it starts due to a virus.

Signs and symptoms of Measles

• Feverishness
• Chill
• Dry cough
• Watery eyes
• Rashes
• Red skin with round spots
• Fever
• Diarrhea

Home Remedies for Measles

1. Consume orange juice
– The flavor provided by the orange provides solution to loss of taste by the patient.
– Orange is preferably the best liquid to take in this situation.

2. Lemon Juice
– The intake of lemon juice also solves problems.
– This helps with associated measles thirst.
– Take 15ml – 25 ml of diluted lemon juice with water.

3. Turmeric
– Turmeric also can provide help with patients of measles.
– Dried turmeric roots, powdered to about 1/2 teaspoon mixed with honey and the juice of a few bitter gourd leaves must be consumed by the patient.

4. Liquorices with honey
– With half teaspoon powdered liquorices mixed with the same amount of honey, should be good for the patient.

5. Barley Water
– Making use of barley water will help combat bothersome cough.
– This water ought to be taken often.
– It can be sweetened with the newly-drawn oil of sweet almonds.

6. Egg Plant
– Egg plant seeds are stimulants.
– They serve as perfect measles home remedies.
– Ingestion of half to one gram of these seeds every day for three days would assist development of immunity.

7. Vitamin C
– Make an infusion using catnip leaves and flowers which are rich in vitamin C.
– Vitamin C helps to relieve colds and fevers.

8. Fenugreek Seeds
– A tea made from fenugreek seeds is used in reducing fevers.
– This tea should be taken twice daily.
It is particularly valuable as a cleansing and soothing drink.
– Moist the fenugreek seeds with water which will become slightly mucilaginous and make tea made from them.
– This has the power to dissolve a sticky substance like mucus.

9. Saffron
– Another great home remedy is saffron.
– Put this into tea and drink.
– Prepare the tea by putting half a tsp of saffron in 30 ml of boiling water.
– 1 tsp of this tea is to be taken by patient every hour.

10. Holy Basil
– The leaves of holy basil are one of the most effective of home remedies in the treatment of common fever.
– A decoction should be made from about twelve grams of these leaves, boiled in half a litre of water.
– It should be administered twice daily.
– Administer it with half a cup of milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of powdered cardamom (cardamom).
– This will bring down the temperature in the measles patient.

Other Treatments

– The patient should likely stay in an area where there is minimal light.
– The main goal in treating measles is to lower down the temperature and get rid of the toxins.
– It is achieved through using warm-water enema and mudpacks.
– These systems must be applied occasionally to the patient.
– Luke warm baths are measles treatment.
– They relieve itching especially when neem leaves are included.
– Total rest could lead to total recovery.

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