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What are different home remedies for Neuritis?

What is meant by Neuritis?

• The term Neuritis is used to define the general inflammation of the peripheral nervous system.
• There are various kinds and types of neuritis.
• They can affect different regions and parts of the body.
These include:
– Polyneuritis or Multiple neuritis
– Optic Neuritis
– Brachial neuritis
– Peripheral neuritis
– Vestibular neuritis
– Cranial neuritis
– Arsenic neuritis

Symptoms of Neuritis

• Pain
• Paresis
• Hypoesthesia or numbness
• Anesthesia
• Paralysis
• Wasting
• Paresthesia
• Disappearance of the reflexes

Common Causes of Neuritis

• Nerve damage
• Viral illness
• Blood supply disorders to the optic nerve
• Meningitis
• Multiple sclerosis
• Tuberculosis
• Demyelination
• Syphilis
• Paranasal sinus infection

Ayurvedic Treatment for Neuritis

Take ayurvedic herbs as:
– Brahmi
– Ashwaghanda
– Mandookparni
– Practice panchakarma.

Natural Home Remedies for Neuritis

• Take raw carrot and spinach.
• Take Epson salt baths.
• Increase your intake of vitamin D.
• Take Soya bean milk. Add about one teaspoon of honey in it. Having this milk every night is before going to bed.
• Take one cup of water and add about one fourth cup of barley grain. Boil them together till the time the water reduces to half. Add half glass of buttermilk and juice of half lime in it. Drinking this mixture will cure neuritis.
• Add 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice. Drink this daily once.
• Orange flowers are very effective cure for neuritis. Add some honey in these orange flowers. Prepare juice from the orange flowers and add some honey in it and drink it. Drinking this on a daily basis will also prevent neuritis from occurring in future.
• Soak Soya beans in water overnight. Then peel them and make paste from them by putting them in mixer grinder. Put some water in this paste and boil it for some time. Strain this solution and have it when it is still warm. This will reduce the swelling and pain of the nerves.
• Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and pantothenic acid all are required to treat neuritis. Increase your intake of vitamin B. Vitamins will reduce the weakness, and swelling of the nerves.
• Avoid smoking, alcohol.
• Avoid refined cereals like white bread and sugar.

Dietary Considerations

Daily diet should include:
– Yogurt
– Milk
– Sprouts
– Cheese
– Brown rice
– Whole grain
– Whole wheat
– Apples
– Carrots
– Pineapples
– Beetroot
– Citrus fruits

Avoid food items like:
– White bread
– Cereals
– Meat
– Fish
– Tea
– Coffee

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