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What are different home remedies for Hay Fever? – Part 1

What is Hay Fever?

• Hay Fever is also known as nasal allergies, pollinosis or seasonal allergic rhinitis is a collection of symptoms.
• Hay fever is an allergy to dust, pollen or dander in the air.
• It mainly causes allergy to the eyes and nose.
• Hay fever is seasonal.
• Spring and fall are the two main seasons for hay fever.
• Hay Fever, medically known as Allergic rhinitis or pollenosis.
• It refers to the swelling of the nasal airway due to an allergy.
• This condition is caused by allergens commonly present such as dust or pollen.
• It is the release of this histamine that causes itching and production of mucus.

Hay Fever Symptoms

• Cough
• Headache
• Itching of nose, mouth, eyes, throat, ear and skin
• Red and watery eyes
• Runny and stuffy nose
• Impaired smell
• Sneezing
• Sore throat
• Wheezing
• Fatigue
• Trouble in sleeping

Causes of Hay Fever

– Plants known to cause allergic Rhinitis include:
• Pine
• Birch
• Alder
• Cedar
• Hazel
• Horse chestnut
• Willow
• Poplar and olive
• Grasses like ryegrass and timothy
• Weeds like ragweed, plantain, mugwort and sorrel/dock.

– Environmental factors like:
• Dust
• Cigarette smoke
• Fumes
• House dust mites
• Pollen
• Medicines
• Certain other allergic foods

Home Remedies for Hay Fever

1. Honey and Petroleum jelly
• Add some honey to boiled minced grapefruit and lemon.
• Administer this solution three times a day.
• Apply little petroleum jelly inside your nose to stop irritation.
• Boil chamomile in water and inhale fumes from the water.

2. Turmeric
• A teaspoonful of turmeric powder with a glass of milk 2-3 times a day is recommended.
• It is highly beneficial when taken on an empty stomach.

3. Dry pomegranate
• Peel dry pomegranate and keep them in a jar.
• Boil two raisins and some part of the peel in 250 ml of milk.
• Drink this milk twice a day.
• This is one of the good allergy remedies.

4. Linseeds
• Boil 20 grams of linseed in 300 grams of water.
• When one-third of water is left, sieve and add 10 grams of sugar candy.
• Drink one teaspoonful many times in an hour.
• This will help in the excretion of mucous that has dried up in the chest.
• This is also a good home remedy for relieving allergy.

5. Essential oil of Juniper
• A few drops in hot water can act as good inhalant.
• It should not be used undiluted on the skin or handkerchief.

6. Bath
• The patient should perspire through steam bath, hot footbath, hot hipbath and sunbath.
• This will stimulate the skin and relieve congested lungs.

7. Honey
• Honey is considered highly beneficial in the treatment of asthma.
• At the time of asthma attack, a jug full of honey should be placed under the nose of patient.
• Within few minutes the patient would start breathing easily.
• One can also mix 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of water and have it 3 times a day.
• This is very good home remedy for allergy.

8. Garlic
• The patient should be given garlic cloves that are boiled in thirty grams of milk daily.

9. Ginger
• Steaming ginger tea with minced garlic cloves should be given twice a day every morning and evening.

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