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What are different home remedies for Head Lice?

• Lice infestation is also known as pediculosis is a common human problem.
• There are three types of lice – head lice, body lice and pubic lice
• Lifecycle of lice has three forms – nit, lymph and adult lice.
• Life of lice is about 30 days.
• Lice will die if they stay away from human body for about two days.

Symptoms for Head Lice

• Itching
• Crusting
• Redness
• Repeated scratching
• Appearance of skin rashes
• Irritation on the neck
• Itchy scalp
• Seeing red bumps on scalp and neck
• Seeing live lice moving around on head
• Finding nits (lice eggs) attached to the sides of hairs

Causes of Head Lice

• Sharing pillows
• Hat
• Carpet

Home Remedies for Head Lice

1. Onion
• Extract the juice of an onion in a small bowl.
• Apply this onion juice in the scalp of the head.
• Massage slowly at the hair roots.
• Let this juice remain in the hair for three to four hours.
• The pungent sulfur content of the onion juice will kill the parasites in the hair.
• Have a good head bath to remove the dead lice from the scalp.
• Do this for three continuous days.

2. Custard Apple
• Take a raw custard apple.
• Grind it into powder, with the seeds.
• Keep this powder stored in an airtight jar.
• Apply the night before going to bed.
• Tie the head with a cloth bandage.
• This will assuredly eliminate the lice and nits from the head.
• Have a good bath to wash away the lice.

3. Vinegar
• Vinegar is one of the popular lice treatments.
• Wash the hair with vinegar.
• It will kill all the nits in two days.

4. Tea Tree Oil
• Treating head lice with tea tree oil and olive oil treatments is very effective.
• Add ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil into shampoo bottle and use it regularly.

5. Mayonnaise
• Use of mayonnaise as a topical application helps control lice infestation.
• Massage head with mayonnaise and comb it after 2 hours which will kill all the lice and their eggs.

Some other Remedies & Suggestions

• Apply coconut oil to the head after shampoo and condition.
• Rub Listerine mouth wash on your head to kill the lice.
• Apply a mixture of lemon and butter on the head and wait for 15 seconds and then rinse the head.
• Use of natural head lice treatments or medicated products to decontaminate the household and any objects and items of clothing that may be contaminated.
• Clothing and bed linen can be washed in hot water with detergents or left in airtight bags for over a week.
• Objects like combs and brushes, hair bands and clips should be soaked in hot water or medicated shampoo.
• Simply throw away the infested linen and replace with new.
• Never share your personal belongings with a lice infested person.
• Do not apply kerosene for lice treatment.
• Simply involves removing the nits and live lice with a lice comb and/or tweezers.
• Take the time to comb out all of the nits.
• Use an anti-lice shampoo.

Use products like:
• Real mayonnaise
• Olive oil
• Vaseline
• Essential oils

Some special Shampoos are:
• The main ingredient in Rid and other anti-lice shampoos.
• Pyrethrin is the main ingredient in certain shampoos that is capable of curbing lice infestation.
• Permethrin, like Nix is another ingredient in certain shampoos which can also help in removing lice infestation.
• Certain shampoos have essential oils which help in removing lice.

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