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What are different home remedies for heat stroke?

What is a heat stroke?

• A heat stroke is a condition which occurs when the body reaches a temperature of 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C.
• Suffer from either a heat cramp or heat exhaustion, it can be considered as a heat stroke.
• If not treated properly, this condition can be a life-threatening problem.
• This is because the organs of the body begin to swell as a result of a heat stroke.
• The body temperature should be brought down immediately.
• This damage from the swelling could be irreversible and permanent.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

• There can be loss of blood flow
• Drop in blood pressure
• Cool or clammy skin
• Changes in the color of the lips and nail
• Weakened immune system
• A raise in body temperature
• Cramps or weakness in the muscles
• Neurological signs, which usually include seizures
• Losing consciousness
• Hallucination
• Experience speaking difficulties
• A severe, throbbing headache
• Tachycardia, which is a strong pulse
• Breathing problems
• Skin of your cheeks, neck, throat, arms and chest area may appear red.

Causes of Heat Stroke

• High environmental temperatures
• Strenuous physical activity
• Strenuous physical activity
• Wearing an excess amount of clothing
• When sweat on the skin does not evaporate properly
• Consuming less amount of water of fluids
• Dehydration
• Drinking alcohol on a regular basis

Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

1. Cold Water
• It may become necessary to immerse your entire body in cold water or ice water.
• This is to ensure the body temperature to be brought down as quickly as possible.
• You could do this by sitting in a bathtub filled with cold water for around 5 or 10 minutes.

2. Cooling Blanket
Wrap a special cooling blanket around yourself after covering the groin area, neck, and chest and back with ice packs.

3. Evaporation
• Evaporation leads to cooling.
• This method can be as effective as soaking in a bathtub.
• Some cool water will be misted on the skin and warm air will be fanned over the body.
• The water evaporates and the skin gets cooler.

4. Controlling Shivering
• It is important to ensure that one should not shiver.
• The simple act can raise the body temperature by a great extent.

5. Re-hydrate your Body
• One needs to alleviate body temperature internally and externally.
• It is important that one drinks a lot of water.
• Drinking extra fluids will ensure the reduction of the risks for dehydration.

Diet for Heat Stroke

• Eat a high amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• These will have a cooling effect on the body as they contain a lot of water.

– Avoid food items that are high in salt
• Excess sodium can hamper the regular production of sweat in the body.
• Drink an additional amount of fluids such as fresh juice or an energy drink.
• This will replenish the levels of water in the body.
• Consume some buttermilk that is made from yogurt.
• This is very great for the overall health and also for cooling.
• Add healthy sources of protein to the diet. This includes nuts, pulses, olive oil.

Suggestion for Heat Stroke

• Choose the clothes carefully. It should be a light fabric in a loose fit. This will allow your skin to breathe.
• When using antidepressants, antipsychotics, diuretics or beta blockers, it is best to check with the doctor.

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