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What are different home remedies for Hysteria?

What is Hysteria?

• Hysteria is a mental disorder arising from intense anxiety.
• It is characterized by a lack of control over acts and emotions, and by sudden seizures of unconsciousness with emotional outbursts.
• It is often the result of repressed conflicts within the person.

Symptoms of Hysteria

• Heaviness in the limbs
• Severe cramps
• A strong feeling of ascending abdominal constriction
• Continual sighing
• Difficulty in breathing
• Constriction in the chest
• Palpitations
• Feeling of a foreign body lodged in the throat
• Swelling of the neck and of the jugular veins
• Suffocation
• Headache
• Clenched teeth
• Generalized and voluntary tensing of muscles of locomotion
• Wild Painful Cries
• An enormously swollen neck
• Violent and tumultuous heartbeats
• Involuntary locomotor muscle contraction
• Frightening generalized convulsions, and violent movement
• Weakness
• Emotional Instability

Causes of Hysteria

• Stress
• Sexual repression
• Perverted habits of thought, and idleness
• Heredity
• Nervous family background
• Faulty emotional training
• Mental strain
• Fear
• Worry
• Depression
• Traumatism
• Masturbation
• Prolonged sickness

Home Remedies for Hysteria

1. Hysteria Treatment using Jambul
• The black berry fruit is considered very effective for hysteria.
• Three kilograms of this fruit and a handful of salt should be put in a jug full of water.
• The jug should be kept in the sun for a week.
• The patient should take 300 gm of these fruits on an empty stomach.
• Drink a cup of water from the jug.

2. Hysteria Treatment using Honey
• Honey is regarded as another effective remedy for hysteria.
• It is advisable to take one tablespoon of honey daily.
• Honey breaks down the triglycerides that cause blockages in the valves of the heart.
• Avoid minimizing or helping prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure.
• As the flow of blood through the heart is unrestricted, blood pressure remains normal.

3. Hysteria Treatment using Bottle Gourd
• Bottle gourd is useful as an external application for hysteria.
• Macerated fresh pulp of this vegetable should be applied over the head of the patient.
• This is helpful in the treatment of this disease. Bottle gourd is very soothing and cooling.
• This is helpful and used as an external application in the treatment of hysteria.
• Applying a macerated pulp of bottle gourd on the head will soothe and calm the person.

4. Hysteria Treatment using Lettuce
• Lettuce is very valuable in this disease.
• A cup of fresh juice of lettuce, mixed with a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice.
• This juice should be given every day in the morning for about a month.
• Consuming lettuce and fresh vegetables can help cleanse the body of any toxins.
• The toxins that could be causing health problems further magnifying problems can be removed.

5. Hysteria Treatment using Rauwolfia
• The herb rauwolfia is useful for treating hysteria.
• One gram of the powdered root should be taken with one cup of milk.
• It should be taken in the morning as well as in the evening.
• Treatment should be continued till the condition is completely cured.
• Herbal treatment for hysteria deals with anxiety problems.
• Herbal treatments have negligible side effects.

6. Hysteria Treatment using Asafoetida
• Asafoetida has been proved beneficial in the treatment of this disease.
• Smelling this gum prevents hysterical attacks. Orally, the daily dosage should be from 0.5 to 1.0 gm.
• An emulsion made up of 2 gm of the gum with 120 ml of water is a valuable enema in hysteria.
• Asafoetida is also known to have very relaxing properties.

Dietary Considerations for Hysteria

1. All-Fruit Diet
• Adopt an all-fruit diet for several days.
• Take three meals a day of juicy fruits like:
– Oranges
– Apples
– Grapes
– Grapefruit
– Papayas
– Pineapples
• Fruit and vegetable juices help to detoxify and relax the body completely.
• It relieves us of any mental stress.

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