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What are different home remedies for Mumps?

What are Mumps?

• Mumps is an infection on your salivary glands and gonads.
• One can have mumps when there is a virus infection on other parts of your body as well.
• Mumps is very infectious and mostly kids and young children are often being infected.
• Mumps usually last for 7 to 10 days.
• A person with mumps will experience pain and swelling in his salivary gland.
• A person’s cheek with mumps is noticeably swollen.
• A patient with mumps also experience fever that ranges from 101 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Person with mumps will also experience having a sore throat, headache, pain when opening his mouth, and earache.
• The patient will even experience pain when eating citrus juices and sour foods.
• Muscle weakness is another symptom.

Home Remedies for Mumps

1. Home remedies for mumps using Chebulic Myroblan
• This wonderful herb is a well known herb in curing mumps.
• Make a paste from Chebulic Myroblan using food processor.
• Apply the paste over your swollen cheeks.
• This will relieve the soreness and pain.

2. Peepal Leaves as a home remedy for Mumps
• Peepal leaves are an alternative herb.
• Preparation is done by smearing the ghee and warming it over the fire.
• While it is warm, bandage it over the swollen part.
• This provides fast relief over the sore part of the body.

3. Home Remedy for mumps from Indian Aloe
• Indian aloe is a type of an Indian herb.
• It cures painful and inflamed parts of the body.
• One leaf of an Indian Aloe would be enough to be used.
• Peel one side of the leave of the Indian Aloe.
• Put it in a flame just to keep it warm.
• Sprinkle it with rasaut also known as Indian barbery and haldi or turmeric.
• While it is still warm, bandage it over the swollen area.

4. Home Remedy for Mumps from Asparagus
• The seeds of the asparagus with an equal portion of methi or fenugreek seeds could relieve any swelling.
• Just grind the two ingredients and make a paste.
• Apply it over the swollen area.

5. Home Remedy for Mumps using Ginger
• Make a paste out of it using your food processor.
• Apply it to swollen parts.
• It is a fast reliever because as the paste dries out from the swollen part of your body.

Other Home Remedies

• Wet a pinch of sodabicarb (NaHCO 3) along with few drops of water and apply to the affected area i.e. face.
• Remove this within couple of minutes and apply this twice or thrice a day.
• Apply a cloth soaked in mullein tea to the cheeks.
• This will help to combat with swelling or inflammation.
• Some of the Ayurvedic drugs like Guduchi, Amlaki, Haritaki, Rasna and Dashmoola (ten herbs mixed to form a powder) are good in treating the mumps.
• Margosa leaves act as a good anti-inflammatory agent for mumps.
• Make powdered form of margosa leaves and mix it with turmeric to make a paste and apply it over the cheek and the area below the ears.

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