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What are different home remedies for Mastitis?

Breast infection or mastitis is a common disease that is caused due to infection of the breast tissue of the body during breastfeeding.

Symptoms of Mastitis

• Pain
• Swelling
• Redness
• Elevated temperature of the breast
• Breast enlargement on one side only
• Breast lump
• Breast pain
• Fever and flu-like symptoms including nausea and vomiting
• Itching
• Nipple discharge (may contain pus)
• Nipple sensation changes
• Swelling, tenderness, redness, and warmth in breast tissue
• Tender or enlarged lymph nodes in armpit on the same side

Causes of Mastitis

• Entry of bacteria from the baby’s mouth enters the milk canal.
• Breast infections or mastitis is caused due to infection of common bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus).
• Infection is most common in women breastfeeding baby.

Home Remedies for Mastitis

1. Alfalfa Leaves
• Alfalfa leaves could be an excellent home remedy.
• Take alfalfa in different forms including capsule form.
• Its use stimulates lactation.
• It increases quality and quantity of milk.

2. Chaste Tree
• Chaste tree could be an excellent natural remedy.
• This is used for increasing flow of milk.

3. Codonopsis
• Codonopsis is an herb that has been found effective.
• It boosts lactation and strengthens the blood.

4. Goat’s Rue
• Goat’s rue is preferred home remedies for increasing the breast milk production.

5. Comfrey Leaves & Calendula flowers
• Use poultices of comfrey leaves and calendula flowers as a mastitis treatment.
• Hot applications of these poultices to the breast at least four times daily are recommended.
• Comfrey and calendula will soothe the nipples.
• They help draw out the infection.
• It also unblocks the tubes and ducts.
• To make a comfrey / calendula poultice, put the comfrey leaves and calendula flowers in the blender with a bit of water and some flour to make a gelatin like substance which can be kept into cotton cloth and stored in the freezer for future use.
• They can be heated in the oven just before applying to the breast.

6. Raw Cabbage
• Raw cabbage leaves are a great mastitis treatment.
• They can be placed directly on the infected area.
• It helps to draw out the heat and infection.
• The cabbage leaves will become warm and wilted.
• It is effective just after a duct is clogged and before the infection sets in.

7. Echinacea Rot
• Use Echinacea root tincture.
• One dropper full six times a day until the fever passed, and then smaller doses (2 or 3 times a day) until all symptoms had cleared is recommended.
• Use Echinacea as an infusion rather than in tincture form.
• Use one ounce of root in a pint of boiling water and steep it for at least eight hours.
• Drink two cups daily until the fever comes down.
• Move to a lighter infusion of one-ounce root to a quart of boiling water.
• Drink one or two cups until the symptoms clear.

8. Cold Grated Potato
• Cold, grated raw potato can also be used as a poultice.
• Apply directly to the breasts and cover with a clean cloth.

9. Marshmallow Root
• Soaking breasts in an infusion of marshmallow root can also be extremely soothing.
• Steep two ounces of root in a half gallon of boiling water overnight.
• Reheat to near boiling and pour into a basin.
• Soak breasts until the infusion cools.

10. Susun Weed also recommends poke root as an effective mastitis treatment.
11. Take a daily nap and take frequent rest breaks throughout the day.

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