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What are different home remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS? – Part 1

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder. The common symptoms are:
• Irregular periods
• Acne
• Weight gain
• Extra hair on the face and body
• Fertility problems
• Thinning hair

Natural Remedies to Cure PCOS

1. Lose weight
• Reaching a healthy weight improves health and prevents long-term health problems.
• Being more active and eating healthy foods are key parts of weight control.
• Your age, metabolism, and genetics also play an important role.

2. Exercise
• Make physical activity a regular and essential part of life.
• Choose fitness activities that are right for one to help.
• Walking is one of the best activities.
• Having a walking or exercise partner that you can count on can also be a great way to stay active.

3. Eat a balanced diet
• A balanced, healthy diet that includes:
– Lots of fruits
– Vegetables
– Whole grains
– Low-fat dairy products
• A diet that satisfies body’s nutritional needs, satisfies hunger, and decreases cravings is ideal.
• A healthy diet makes you feel better and have more energy.
• Stay at a healthy body weight.

4. Quit Smoking
• If one smokes, he or she should consider quitting.
• Women who smoke have higher levels of androgens than women who don’t smoke.
• Smoking also increases the risk for heart disease.

5. Tulsi
• Tulsi (Tulasi, Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum, Vishnupriya) is a very widely grown plant in India.
• It is said to have divine healing qualities and is therefore grown in households.
• It is known to have good anti-androgenic effects in androgen-sensitive tissues.
• It can moderate insulin levels.
• It can help with reversing obesity.
• It has powerful anti-oxidants and has a rejuvenating effect on tissues.
• It is an adaptogen and decreases stress relief.
• It is recommended that the patient consume 10-12 leaves a day (either raw or boiled in water) early in the morning prior to breakfast.
• Any noticeable improvements from this treatment are likely to occur after about 8-10 weeks of use.
• Furthermore, the treatment must be accompanied by an appropriate life-style and dietary intake.
• Though slow, it will restore the delicate natural balance of the hormones and improve health and longevity.

PCOS Supplementation

• Daily vitamins:
– Beta carotene—a megadose of 100,000 IU
– Vitamin B6-50-100 mg
– Calcium-1,200 mg
– Magnesium-600 mg
– Vitamin E-800 IU
– Folic acid-800 mcg
– Essential fatty acids (flax oil)-1 tbsp.
– Selenium-400 mcg
– Vitamin C-1,000-4,000 mg

– Goldenseal
– Dandelion (fresh leaves can be used in salad)
– Artichoke
– Silybum (milkthistle)
– Burdock (the variety known as gobo root can be eaten)
Take these herbs single or in combination twice daily in the form of:
• 2 tsp. extract
• 2-3 capsules
• 1 cup infusion

To improve pelvic circulation, herbs that can be used are:
• Xanthoxylon
• Ocotillo
• Goldenseal
• Witch hazel
Take these herbs twice daily in the form of:
• 1 tsp. extract
• 1-2 capsules
• 1/2 cup infusion

To balance estrogen production, herbs that can be used are:
• Take chaste-tree berry (Vitex)
Take this once or twice daily in the form of:
• 2 tsp.extract
• 2-3 capsules
• 1 cup infusion

To calm the pain, herbs that can be used are:
• Crampbark
• Black haw
• Valerian
• Wild yam
Take these herbs every two to three hours as needed in the form of:
• 1 tsp.extract
• 1-2 capsules
• 1/2 cup infusion

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