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What are the different home remedies for swimmer’s ear ? – Part 2

What is Swimmer’s Ear

• It is caused by excess water getting trapped in the ear canal.
• It generally happens most during the summer or the swimming season.
• It can also happen throughout the year as well.
• Swimmer’s ear is also known as Otitis Externa.
• It is a condition when the ear is infected and gets an inflammatory feeling.
• It leads to fungus or bacteria.
• Their skin becomes soft around the ears leading to wrinkles on it.
• The extra soft skin could then break and create room for infections to enter.
• If there is any cut, the harmful bacteria in the water could then enter and create havoc.
• This problem causes great pain and discomfort.
• One experiences formation of earwax, loss of hearing, pain or swelling in the ear amongst other things.

Home Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

8. Apple cider vinegar
• Apple cider vinegar is an effective cure for otitis externa.
• Dilute apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol and put the solution in to the affected ear.
• Do this 2 times daily.
• It kills all bacteria and fungi.

9. Onion Juice
• Squeeze some onion juice and soak it in a cotton ball.
• Insert this onion juice soaked cotton ball in the ear.
• It aids in curbing the ear infection.

10. Garlic Oil
• Use a few drops of garlic oil in the ear every night before sleeping.

11. Mullein flower oil
• The mullein flower oil is soaked in a little cotton and put in the ear to relieve the pain caused due to infection.

12. Lemon Balm
• Lemon balm is an antiseptic, anti-viral property that fights the infection.
• Apply lemon balm in the ear gently.

13. Garlic and Ginger
• Mix some finely chopped garlic or ginger with honey and consume.
• Consume the mixture either with warm water or tea for better results.

14. Olive or Castor Oil
• A few drops of warm olive or castor oil put in the infected ear.
• The ear should later be covered with a ear plug or cotton plug.
• Sleep on the other side so that the oil seeps in.

15. Holy Basil
• Holy basil leaves are also an excellent ear infection home remedy.
• The juice of holy basil leaves serves as a cleanser and disinfectant.
• This helps to fight bacteria and viruses present inside the ear.

16. Ensure that your ears are clean and not too moist.
17. Moist ears help bacteria to breed and spread easily.
18. Never take your ear pain lightly.

Dietary Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

• One of the best natural remedies for ear infections is to increase zinc intake.
• Oysters are the richest source of zinc.
• Improve the immune systems using vitamin C.
• Include citrus fruits in your diet.
• Take vitamin C supplements.
• Foods high in vitamins, mineral and nutrients generally strengthen your immune system.
• If your immune system is strong then the body is able to fight off the infection.

Foods that are regarded as not good during this condition are:
• Acidic foods
• Alcohol
• Cheese (made from bovine milk)
• Chocolate
• Coffee, aerated drinks or any caffeinated beverage
• Corn syrup
• Food additives
• Hydrogenated fats
• Junk food like pizza, hotdogs and hamburgers
• Mono sodium glutamate
• Refined oil
• Salt (table salt and refined salt)
• Spicy food
• Sugar

The foods that are believed to be good during this condition include:
• Yogurt (The plain and unflavored kind)
• Garlic
• Onions
• Vinegar
• Oatmeal
• Applesauce
• Mashed beans

Healthy and Balanced Diet

• Avoid eating baked products and products that have high yeast content in them.
• Avoid alcohol, sugar, cola drinks and grains.
• Eat a healthy and a balanced diet, avoid processed foods.
• Your diet must include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
• Avoid fried and greasy food.
• Garlic has a good antifungal property and hence can fight infection.
• Eat raw garlic or include it in your diet.

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