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What are different home remedies for Spring Ailments? – Part 1

What are Spring Ailments?

• Spring beckons with its myriad hues and brightens the earth with life after a bleak winter.
• It also brings with it spring allergies.
• Most often spring allergies are caused by pollen released from the plants, trees, and weeds.
• Some of them are harmful.
• Molds found in the outdoor air can also cause spring allergies.
• Spring allergies generally affect the nasal passage and the skin.

Home Remedies for seasonal allergies

1. Treatment using Indian Gooseberry
• The juice of the Indian gooseberry, mixed with honey, is useful in treating eye irritation and itching.
• A cup of this juice should be taken mixed with two teaspoons of honey.
• Take it twice daily in treating this condition.

2. Treatment using Vitamins
• Vitamins A and B2 have proved useful for eyes.
• The patient should take liberal quantities of natural foods that are rich in these two vitamins.
Foods rich in vitamin A are:
– Whole milk
– Yogurt
– Butter
– Carrots
– Pumpkin
– Green leafy vegetables
– Tomatoes
– Mangoes
– Papaya
Foods rich in vitamin B2 are:
– Green leafy vegetables
– Milk
– Almonds
– Citrus fruits
– Bananas
– Tomatoes

3. Treatment using Carrot
• The use of carrots is considered beneficial in the treatment of infections.
• The patient should take plenty of raw carrots daily.
• One may drink two glasses of fresh carrot juice, one each in the morning and evening.

4. Treatment using Vegetable Juices
• Raw juices of certain vegetables, especially carrots and spinach, have been found valuable in treating eye irritation and itching.
• The combined juices of these two vegetables have proved very effective.
• 200 ml of spinach juice should be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice and is to be taken daily.
• Raw parsley (prajmoda) juice-200 ml, mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice has also been found beneficial.

General Tips

• Clean the house thoroughly after the winter season.
• The term “spring cleaning” takes its root here.
• During the winters, the house is kept mostly closed and thus requires a lot of cleaning as the spring starts off.
• Aerate the rooms well and change furnishings to clean ones.
• While you dust and clean, be sure to keep your nose and mouth well covered with a handkerchief.
• Fresh air will clear the molds and others allergens that have been trapped in the house.
• Allow sunlight to brighten the rooms as well as your spirits.
For itchiness in the eyes, wash your eyes gently with warm water.

Diet for Spring Ailments

1. Take fresh fruit diet, avoid bananas
• Adopt an exclusive fresh fruit diet for a week.
• Take three meals a day which consists of fresh, juicy seasonal fruits.
• Bananas should not be taken.
• Those with acute conjunctivitis should undertake a juice fast for about three or four days.

2. All-fruit diet followed by a restricted diet of chapatis, nuts etc.
3. The short juice fast may be followed by an all-fruit diet for a further seven days.
4. The patient may adopt a restricted diet.
5. This diet should consist of fresh fruits, raw mixed-vegetable salad, whole wheat bread or wheat tortilla and steamed vegetables, and nuts.
6. Avoid starchy and sugary foods, refined cereals, and strong tea and coffee.
7. The patient should avoid an excessive intake of starchy and sugary foods.
8. white bread, refined cereals, potatoes, puddings, sugar, jams, confectionery, meats, fatty foods, strong tea and coffee, too much salt, condiments, and sauces are the foods that the patient should avoid.

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