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What are different home remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver ? – Part 1

Cirrhosis Overview

• This is a chronic (ongoing, long-term) disease of the liver.
• It means damage to the normal liver tissue.
• This tissue is the reason that keeps this important organ from working as it should.
• The liver gradually loses its ability to carry out its normal functions.
• This is called liver failure, which is also referred to as end-stage liver disease.
• The liver is the largest organ in the body and one of the most essential.

Causes of Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis can be caused by a number of conditions and sometimes there is no cause found too.
This includes:
• long-standing inflammation
• poisons
• infections
• heart disease
• chronic alcoholism
• chronic hepatitis
• yellowing of the skin (jaundice) due to the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood
• itching
• easy bruising from decreased production of blood clotting factors by the diseased liver.
• gradual failure of the liver to carry out its natural functions
• distortion of the liver’s usual shape and size because of scarring
• tiredness (fatigue) or even exhaustion
• weakness
• nausea
• loss of appetite leading to weight loss
• loss of sex drive
• fever
• vomiting

Home Remedies for treating Cirrhosis of Liver

1.Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver using Papaya Seeds
• The black seeds of papaya have been found beneficial in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver.
• Papaya helps in cirrhosis associated with alcoholism and malnutrition.
• A tablespoon of juice obtained by grinding the seeds, mixed with ten drops of fresh lime juice, should be given once or twice daily.
• Do this for about a month as a medicine for this disease.

2. Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver using Trailing Eclipta
• The herb trailing eclipta which is botanically known as eclipta Alba has proved invaluable in cirrhosis.
• The juice of all parts of this plant should be taken in doses of one teaspoon that is mixed with one teaspoon of honey.
• Take it three times daily.
• This helps in the detoxification process.

3. Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver using Picrorhiza
• Picrorhiza which is botanically known as picrorhiza kurroa, is a drug of choice in ayurveda for this condition among adults.
• The root of the herb is given in powdered form.
• A tablespoon of the powder is mixed with an equal quantity of honey.
• It should be administered three times a day.
• If the patient has constipation, dose should be increased to double.
• It should be given with a cup of warm water, three to four times a day.
• It stimulates the liver to produce more bile.
• The excretion of this relieves congestion of the liver and the tissues.
• Cirrhosis of the liver involves blocking of the liver because of high toxicity levels.
• Consuming picrorhiza kurroa is an effective method of clearing up any blockages in the liver.
• It also reduces any swelling that the patient may be experience.

4. Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver using Fig
• Wash 3-4 leaves of sacred fig (Ficus religiosa).
• Mash them with sugar candy and mix it in 250 mg of water.
• Drink it twice a day after sieving the mixture.

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