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What are different home remedies for Nephritis? – Part 1

What is Nephritis?

• The swelling of the kidneys is referred to as Nephritis.
• It is basically a serious medical condition.
• This could either be chronic or acute.
• Adolescents and children are often the common sufferers of this disease.
• Nephritis could be fatal if its progress was not hindered and not treated at the early stage.

Symptoms related to Nephritis

• Throbbing in the kidneys down to the urethra
• Fever
• Acute nephritis
• Scanty and dark colored urine
• Dull back pain
• Urine with albumin
• Blood
• Casts of red and white cells clumps
• Puffiness of the face
• Swelling of the ankles and feet
• Sudden increase in the blood pressure
• Uraemia

Root causes of Nephritis

• Streptococcus infection of the throat
• Attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever
• Wrong eating habit
• Weak immune system of the body

Home Remedies for Nephritis

1. Carrot Juice
• Prepare one glass of carrot juice with a teaspoon of limejuice and mix it with a sweet teaspoon of honey.
• This is advisable to be taken everyday.
• Take it preferably in the morning.

2. Banana
• Due to its low salt, protein, and high carbohydrate content, the effectiveness of banana in treating nephritis is high.
• For about four consecutive days, eight or nine bananas should be eaten each day.

3. Avocado
• Avocados are said to be a staple food.
• This fruit has been considered very useful due to its great mineral content.

4. Coconut Water
• Tender coconut water is also considered good home remedy in this condition.
• The water of one green tender coconut should be taken once or even twice a day.
• It acts as safe diuretic in the treatment of nephritis.

5. Grapes
• Grapes possess an exceptional diuretic value.
• This could be attributed to their high contents of potassium salt and water.
• Their roles are enhanced by its low sodium chloride and albumin content.
• This is one of the best natural remedy for nephritis.

Suggested Diet for Nephritis

1. Vegetable Juices Fasting
• One of the safest home remedies for Nephritis is fasting on vegetable juices.
• This should be done for seven to ten days.
• Engaging in vegetable juice fasting will remove the toxins and some other impurities.

2. All-fruit diet
• Try the all-fruit diet for four to five days.
• Try having milk every week .
• Gradually try and adopt a well-balanced diet.
• Adopt a well-balanced diet.
• Adopt low-protein vegetarian diet emphasizing fruits and steamed and raw vegetables.
• A short juice fasting for about three days may be preceded with a restricted diet for about ten days.
• Oranges are recommended as a breakfast meal.
• For lunch, a salad of raw vegetables, which are in season and a dinner of one or more vegetables steamed with some nuts, will do.
• Try a well-balanced, low-protein vegetarian diet.
• Juice fasts of short duration and a strict diet for a week should be taken at two or three-month intervals.
• Refrain from eating spinach, rhubarb, and salt.

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