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What are different home remedies for Nephritis? – Part 2

What is Nephritis?

• The swelling of the kidneys is referred to as Nephritis.
• It is basically a serious medical condition.
• This could either be chronic or acute.
• Adolescents and children are often the common sufferers of this disease.
• Nephritis could be fatal if its progress was not hindered and not treated at the early stage.

Symptoms related to Nephritis

• Throbbing in the kidneys down to the urethra
• Fever
• Acute nephritis
• Scanty and dark colored urine
• Dull back pain
• Urine with albumin
• Blood
• Casts of red and white cells clumps
• Puffiness of the face
• Swelling of the ankles and feet
• Sudden increase in the blood pressure
• Uraemia

Root causes of Nephritis

• Streptococcus infection of the throat
• Attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever
• Wrong eating habit
• Weak immune system of the body

Natural Home Treatments for Nephritis

1. Monitoring the Intake of Fluids
• Drink 8 glasses of water in the day and do not overdo.
• Choose to drink the right fluids.
• Stay away from coffee, tea, aerated drinks and alcohol.

2. Modify your Diet
• There are certain food items that can irritate the lining of your bladder.
• Restrict the intake of spicy food, chocolate, caffeine and tomato-based products.
• Eat a higher quantity of fiber through your diet.
• Constipation can lead to an overactive bladder.

3. Kegel Exercises
• These exercises require you to contract and release your pelvic floor muscles.
• By toning these muscles one shall improve overall bladder control.
• This will reduce the urgency as well as the frequency.
• Kegel exercises are effective when practiced with regularity.

4. Cornus
• Cornus is an herbal treatment that is used to stop frequent urination.
• This is done by strengthening the kidneys.
• This herb helps with problems like incontinence, excessive sweating and a large volume of urination.
• The fruit of the plant is used in this treatment.
• This comes in the form of capsule.
• This can also be taken as a tea or as a tablet.

5. Dodder
• Dodder is a kidney herb.
• It is used for treating kidney problems.
• The seed of the plant is used to create the capsules, tea or tablets.
• These are used in treating the condition.
• Drink one to two cups a day when taking in the form of tea.

6. Valerian
• Valerian is used to treat urinary tract infection.
• This herb relaxes the muscles and stop muscle spasms.

Diet for Frequent Urination

1. Some of the foods that can help prevent frequent urination are;
• Squash
• Cherries
• Blueberries
• Cranberries
• Brown rice
• Bananas
• Barley
• Potatoes

2. Foods that should be avoided are:
• Caffeinated foods and beverages like chocolate, coffee, tea and aerated drinks
• Spicy food
• Beans
• Spinach
• Strawberries
• Nuts
• Rhubarb
• Beets
• Red meat
• Vinegar
• Fermented food
• Baked products
3. Using herbs which can help alleviate stress and anxiety are :
• Lemon Balm
• Horsetail
• Zea Mays
• Corn silk
4. Certain herbs are effective in treating this condition like :
• Causticum
• Pulsatilla
• Ursi
• Corn silk
• Lycopodium

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