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What are different home remedies for Piles? – Part 2

What are Piles?

• This is a condition in which veins in the lower rectum and anus have become swollen and inflamed.
• During a bowel movement there is some amount of pressure exerted on this region.
• This is because our veins have the tendency to stretch and swell up.
• The veins in the rectal area begin to bulge.
• They bulge when exposed to such excessive pressure on a regular basis.
• Constipation and certain other digestive disorders are cause for piles.

Types of Piles

Piles are mainly of two types:
• Internal piles: They develop inside the rectum.
• External piles: They lie just below the skin, around the anus and hence can easily be felt.

What can piles lead to?

Piles can lead to:
• Chronic blood loss
• Strangulated piles
• Tissue death
• Gangrene

Symptoms for Piles

• A painful lump near the anal opening
• Bleeding during bowel movements
• Leakage of feces
• Irritation and itchiness near the anal region
• Light-headedness
• Dizziness or bouts of passing out
• Appearance of blood clots during a bowel movement
• Seeing blood mixed with stools
• Passing stools that are black, tarry or maroon in color

Causes for Piles

• Sitting in the toilet for a long period of time but unable to pass stools
• Being overweight or obese
• Engaging in anal intercourse regularly
• Suffering from digestive problems
• The digestive problem includes chronic constipation as well as diarrhea.
• People with Piles are prone to conditions of infections, inflammation, injuries and other similar problems.

Home Remedies for Piles

6. Aloe Vera gel
• Apply Aloe Vera gel directly on the anus.
• This will relieve pain and soothe the burning sensation in and around the anus.

7. Yarrow root
• Brew a strong, warm tea using Lady’s mantle.
• Ladies mantle is also known as yarrow root.
• Apply to the Piles with a cotton ball several times a day or as required.

8. Witch Hazel
• Apply Witch hazel with a sterile cotton pad.
• Use this three times daily.
• This will help to shrink the swollen veins.

9. Herbs
• Take Buck thorn bark, collinsonia root, parsley, red grape vine leaves or stone root and use either in capsules or tea form.
• They are very helpful for the treatment of Piles.

10. Cayenne
• Keep the bowels clean use Cayenne (capsicum) or garlic enemas.
• They relieve pain caused by Piles.

11. Other Remedies
• It is also very important to maintain high levels of personal hygiene.
• If not taken care properly, this problem could worsen to a great extent.
• Apply some topical Piles creams or suppositories that contain hydrocortisone.
• Pads with witch hazel or other numbing solutions can be very effective.

Diet for Piles

• Digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea can aggravate Piles.
• Consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.
• This will help to facilitate bowel movements and keep the stools soft.
• Hence, in order to prevent piles, it is very important to follow a suitable diet.
Some of the foods that should be included in a diet for Piles:
– Spinach
– Raisins
– Prunes
– Bran and other breakfast cereal
– Vinegar
– Whole grained bread
– Potatoes
– Broccoli
– Brown rice
– Oats
– Oranges
– Beans
– Papaya
– Grains
– Apples
– Nuts
– Peas
• Fiber is the single most important nutritional factor in a diet for Piles. This helps in adding bulk to stools. Fiber also softens them.
• Increase your consumption of fiber, by eating higher quantities of:
– fresh fruits
– vegetables
– grains
– cereals
– beans

Some of the common food items that lead to digestive problems are:
– Spicy food
– Alcoholic beverages
– Caffeinated beverages like coffee and aerated drinks
– White bread
– Pasta
– Bakery items like pastries, cakes and pies.

Suggestions for Piles

• Getting an adequate amount of exercise each day
• Exercising for around 30 minutes a day improves overall health.
• This will also enhances bowel movements which reduces the problem of constipation.
• This in turn reduces the pressure on the veins in the anus. Hence, it prevents piles.
• Following a healthy discipline lifestyle and routine is important for healthy and regular bowel movements.
• It would be wise to consume four to five smaller meals through the course of the day. This helps for better and more efficient digestion.
• Make sure that your last meal of the day is consumed at least two hours before bedtime.
• It is very important to follow a proper schedule for passing stools.
• Use topical creams or medication to control Piles.
• Piles that are persistent can lead to severe bleeding.

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