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What are different home remedies for Pyorrhea? – Part 2

What is meant by Pyorrhea?

• Periodontal Disease in its advanced stage is often referred to as Pyorrhea.
• Infection in the bones and ligaments supporting the teeth leads to this condition.
• If not controlled in time, it may cause shrinkage of the gums surrounding the teeth.
• This may eventually result in tooth loss.
• This disease is also known as Pyorrhea Alveolaris in medical terminology.
• It is caused by poor dental hygiene resulting giving rise to unwanted bacterial growth.
• These bacterial outgrowths (thriving on food deposits present in the mouth) cause swelling in the gums.
• This gradually affects the supporting structure around the tooth.
• As the disease progresses, it causes the gums to recede thereby loosening the tooth.
• It is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene and diet in order to avoid such Periodontal Diseases or Periodontitis.

Causes of Pyorrhoea

• Bacterial plaque
• Improper dental hygiene
• Wrong eating habits
• Excess sugar consumption
• Irritation due to chemicals
• Improper brushing technique
• Gum injury
• Chronic illnesses
• Prolonged tension
• Allergies
• Blood diseases
• Glandular disorders
• Deficiency of vitamin C
• Calcium
• Folic acid
• Niacin
• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Symptoms of Pyorrhea

• Red, tender and swollen gums
• Bleeding gums
• Bad breath
• Discharge of pus

Natural Home Remedies for Pyorrhea

1. Sesame oil
• Gargling with sesame oil by keeping the oil in the mouth for about ten minutes.
• This is highly beneficial in getting rid of this dangerous disease.

2. Banyan barks
• Boil some banyan barks in water for about half an hour.
• Gargle with this decoction on a regular basis.
• This is to heal Pyorrhea effectively.

3. Therapeutic decoction
• Another therapeutic decoction can be prepared from fenugreek seeds in the same way.
• Both these decoctions are regarded as excellent Pyorrhea home remedies.

4. Home made Mixture
• Application of a mixture of pomegranate rind, salt and pepper is useful in dealing with Pyorrhea.
• Regular application of this mixture helps to prevent Pyorrhea to a great extent.

5. Gum Massage
• Massage the gums with a mixture of salt and pepper.
• This will help to improve gum health and remove the bacterial infection.

6. Rub your gums with clove oil
• Keep one or two cloves in your mouth.

7. Aloe Vera
• Aloe Vera is another most useful remedy for curing Pyorrhea.
• Rub the pulp of aloe Vera in the mouth.
• Gargle with water and rubbing it.
• This process must be repeated for a few times.

8. Baking soda
• Make a paste with water and baking soda.
• Dab it on the afflicted area with your finger.
• Now brush your teeth with herbal powder.
• It accelerates healing and neutralizes bacteria activity.

9. Cranberry juice
• Cranberry juice is a useful home remedy for Pyorrhea.
• Consumption of cranberry juice is beneficial.
• Do ensure that it doesn’t have sugar.

10. Oak bark herbal powder
• Take two parts of white oak bark herbal powder, one part of myrrh herbal powder, ¾ part peppermint leaves’ powder, 1/8 th part of clove powder.
• Grind them all and place it into the air tight jar.
• Every time in the morning and at night, use this powder in the dosage of one tbsp.
• Keep this in mouth and rub it on the affected area.
• This will be good for treating the Pyorrhea.
• This is one of the best home remedies for Pyorrhea.

11. Use mouthwash containing
• sage oil
• peppermint oil
• menthol
• chamomile tincture

Other Home remedies

• Use of products made from essential oils helps cure Pyorrhea.
• Gargle twice a day by a homemade saline solution. This homemade solution can be made by putting a pinch of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. It reduces the swelling in your mouth.
• Use anti bacterial mouth wash to reduce the swelling on the gums.
• Use toothpaste containing sage oil, peppermint oil.

Diet for Pyorrhea

• Take Vitamin C Rich Diet.
• Pyorrhea patients should consume low saturated fats.
• They must include lots of fresh fruits.
• They should include rich vegetables in their diet.
• They must eat a diet rich in fiber.
• People deficient in Vitamin C are at increased risk for periodontal disease.
• They must take Vitamin C supplements to improve the gum health.
• Eating vitamin C rich foods is beneficial.

Foods to be avoided are:
• Sugar
• Fruit juices
• White flour
• White rice
• Soft drinks
• Syrups

• Fresh fruits
• Vegetables
• Dairy products
• Whole grains
• Nuts
• Green salads

Stay away from:
• Tea
• Coffee
• Colas
• Alcohol
• Other such strong beverages

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