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What are different home remedies for Insomnia?

What is Insomnia?

• Insomnia denotes a complete lack of sleep.
• This is a relative inability to sleep.

Symptoms of Insomnia

• Lack of Sleep
• Emotional Instability
• End up tossing and turning in bed
• Waiting for the first light of dawn
• Experiencing lapses of memory
• Lack of concentration
• An inability to focus on work during the day
• Hampered motor coordination
• Confusion
• Mental as well as muscular fatigue
• Emotional instability
• Irritability
• Impaired socializing skills
• Tension, Anxiety, Stress
• Suppressed Resentment, Anger, Bitterness
• Constipation, Overeating, Excessive Tea-Coffee-Smoking

Home Remedies for Insomnia

1. Insomnia Treatment using Thiamine
• Thiamine or vitamin B is of special significance in treating insomnia.
• It is vital for strong, healthy nerves.
• A body starved of thiamine over a long period cannot relax and fall asleep naturally.
Valuable sources of this vitamin are:
– wholegrain cereals
– pulses
– nuts

2. Insomnia Treatment using Lettuce
• Lettuce is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia.
• It contains a sleep-inducing substance, called ‘lectucarium’.
• The juice of this plant has the sedative action of opium but without the accompanying excitement.
• Lettuce seeds taken in a decoction are also useful in insomnia.
• One tablespoon of seeds should be boiled in half a litre of water, till it is reduced by one-third.

3. Insomnia Treatment using Milk
• Milk is very valuable in insomnia.
• A glass of milk that is sweetened with honey should be taken every night before going to bed in treating this condition.
• It acts as a tonic and a tranquillizer.
• Massaging the milk over the soles of the feet has also been found very effective.

4. Insomnia Treatment using Curd
• Curd is also useful in insomnia.
• The patient should take plenty of curd and massage it on the head.
• This will induce sleep.

5. Insomnia Treatment using Bottle Gourd
• The mixture of bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in 50:50 ratio acts as a medicine for insomnia.
• It should be massaged over the scalp every night.
• The cooked leaves of bottle gourd taken as a vegetable.
• This will also help in the treatment of this disease.

6. Insomnia Treatment using Aniseed
• A tea made from aniseed is valuable in sleeplessness.
• This tea is prepared by boiling about 375 ml of water in a vessel and adding a teaspoon of aniseed.
• The water should be covered with a lid and allowed to simmer for about fifteen minutes.
• It should then be strained and drunk hot or warm.
• The tea may be sweetened with honey, and hot milk added to it.
• This tea should be taken after meals or before going to bed.

7. Insomnia Treatment using Honey
• Honey is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia.
• It has a hypnotic action and induces a sound sleep.
• It should be taken with water, before going to bed.
• It should be taken in doses of two teaspoons in a large cup of water.
• Babies usually fall asleep after taking honey.

8. Insomnia Treatment using Rauwolfia
• The herb rauwolfia is a valuable medicine for insomnia.
• It has indisputable efficacy as a sedative.
• The hypnotic action of the drug appears to have been known since ancient times.
• The very first dose of rauwolfia will enable a patient with a nature to go to sleep.
• The powder of the root in a quantity of 0.25 gm to 0.5 gm should be mixed with some scented substance like cardamom.
• This should be given to the patient.
• The patient will have a sound sleep during the entire night.
• If the disease is chronic, the patient should take O.25 gm twice a day.
• Take it in the morning as well as at night before retiring.

Diet for Insomnia

• Low Salt Diet
• Avoid White Flour Products, Sugar Products, Tea etc.
• Regular Active Exercise
• Meditiate, Eliminate Stress, Hobbies

shirshasana, sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, uttanasana, viparit karni, and shavasana.

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