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What are different home remedies for Schizophrenia?

• Schizophrenia is a psychological brain disorder that is chronic in nature.
• Schizophrenia affects the part of the brain that is responsible for self analysis.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

It is commonly characterized by symptoms like:
• Delusions
• Hallucinations
• Cognitive impairments
• Disorganized speech
• Disorganized behavior

Causes of Schizophrenia

Chemical imbalances in neurotransmitters such as:
• Excess of dopamine
• Higher copper levels in the body
• Enlarged fluid filled brain ventricles
• Abnormalities in the frontal and temporal lobes
• Other similar abnormalities in the brain structure
Other factors:
• Prenatal exposure to viral infection
• Higher stress level during pregnancy
• Early parental loss
• Genetic
• Environmental
• Biological
• Psychological factors

Natural Home Remedies for Schizophrenia

1. Herbal teas
• Sage
• Chamomile
• Basil
• Rosemary
• St John’s Wort
• cardamom
• Tea prepared from a combination of a quarter teaspoon of basil and half a teaspoon of sage in a cup of boiling water is particularly useful.
• This will help in relieving the problems associated with this psychological disorder.
• Licorice, passion flower and kava kava are considered good for controlling Schizophrenia. This helps in related stress and anxiety.
• Having herbal tea prepared from a teaspoon of dried and powdered Asian Ginseng is a valuable.
• This herbal remedy helps cure Schizophrenia with its neuro protective properties.
• Follow it on a regular basis by consuming this herbal tea two times in a day for about six months.

2. Alternative therapies
• Yoga
• Aromatherapy
• Meditation

3. Aromatherapy
100% Essential Oils
Use in
• Baths
• Oil burners
• Diluted for massage
For Anxiety
• Basil
• Bergamot
• Geranium
• Lavender
• Vetiver
• Sandalwood
• Neroli
For Depression
• Bergamot
• Sage
• Lavender
• Chamomile
• Geranium
• Rose
• Rosemary
• Patchouli
• Neroli
• Jasmine

Diet for Schizophrenia

• A healthy and balanced diet is highly recommended.
• The diet should include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as:
– Carrots
– Broccoli
– Peas
– Tomatoes
– Corns
– Indian gooseberries
– Oranges
• Other foods, especially the ones rich in:
– vitamin B3
– vitamin B6
– vitamin C
– zinc
– manganese
• Avoid
– Chocolate
– Alcohol
– Cough syrup
– Nose drops
– Pickled meat
– Sweets

• Rescue Remedy [all-round help for panic, or anxiety]
• Cherry Plum [fear of mind giving way]
• White Chestnut [unwanted thoughts]
• Sweet Chestnut [extreme mental anguish]
• Rock Rose [terror]
• Crab Apple [self-hatred]

Vitamin B-3
• 3 – 6g daily, in 3 doses, after meals.
• Normal does is 3 – 4.5g daily.

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine)
• Under 1,000mg/day
• Do not exceed 2,000 mg/day

Vitamin C
• 3g./day, or more

Folic Acid & Vitamin B-12
• Large doses preferable

Omega-3 EFAs (e.g. Fish Oil)
• 3 – 9 x 1,000mg capsules/day

• Selenium (antioxidant/antidepressant) 200-600 micrograms/day).
• Manganese 30 milligrams chelated manganese, or 5-10 drops daily of a solution containing 10% zinc sulphate and 0.5% manganese chloride.
• Dolomite Good aid to sleep.
• Zinc 50mg per day in tablet form.

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