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What are different home remedies for Tennis Elbow?

• Tennis elbow is caused due to abnormal inflammation of the tendons.
• Due to this the flexibility of the body muscle and thus causes immense pain while moving the body part.
• This generally affects the hands.
• It becomes difficult for the affected person to hold any weight in the affected hand.
• It is also known as Lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylalgia, known colloquially as tennis elbow, shooter’s elbow, and archer’s elbow or simply lateral elbow pain.
• Tennis elbow is an overuse injury occurring in the lateral side of the elbow region.

Signs and symptoms of Tennis Elbow

• Pain on the outer part of elbow (lateral epicondyle).
• Point tenderness over the lateral epicondyle.
• Gripping and movements of the wrist hurt.
• Wrist extension and lifting movements are painful.
• Morning stiffness.

Causes for tennis elbow

• Muscle exertion can lead to tennis elbow.
• Elbow injury is one of the main causes of getting tennis elbow.
• Stress also can lead to tennis elbow.
• Some damage to tendons, ligaments and muscles can result into tennis elbow.
• Due to some extra pressure out on the elbow, tennis elbow can occur.

Home remedies for Tennis Elbow

1. Celery
• Eat lots of celery in your diet.
• Drinking the juices prepared form celery.
• This is effective to treat tennis elbow.
• Drinking warm water by putting ten drops of celery extract in it is also useful.
• This will help to reduce the inflammation and pain.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids
• These acids are effective in reducing the inflammation of the joints.
• They are effective in reducing the pain.
• Salmon, mackerel fish are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.
• Hence include them in your diet.
• Flax seeds are also effective to treat tennis elbow.

3. Ginger tea
• Drinking ginger tea thrice in a day is also one of the most beneficial home remedies for tennis elbow.
• Prepare a poultice from ginger.
• Apply it directly on the paining part of the body.

4. Calendula oil
• Massaging the paining elbow with calendula oil is also useful in reducing the pain and giving comfort.
• Massage the affected body part with this oil twice in a day.

5. Avacado Oil
• Applying avocado oil on the affected body part will also give relief from the inflammation and pain.

Diet for Tennis Elbow

– It should include
• plenty of nuts
• blue berries
• spinach
• whole grain products
• celery
• cabbage
• broccoli
• green tea
• milk
• eggs
• cheese
• omega-3 fatty acids

Other Home Remedies

• Eating pineapple and drinking fresh pineapple juice will also give relief.
• Taking adequate rest is also important.
• Applying ice packs over the affected body part.
• This will make the affected area numb and thus will give relief from the inflammation of the muscles.
• Apply heat packs over the affected area to get relief from the pain.

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