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Eye damage – a summer problem; signs, symptoms and prevention.

• Summer is an obstacle course for your precious eyes.
• The UV radiation in summer is higher and our eye needs protection from the same.

Eye Injuries Symptoms and Signs

1. Chemical exposure
• pain
• intense burning
• eye will begin to tear profusely
• become red
• the eyelids may become swollen

2. Subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding)
• Eye will have a red spot of blood on the sclera

3. Corneal abrasions
• Pain
• A sensation that something is in the eye
• Tearing
• Sensitivity to light

4. Iritis
• Pain
• Light sensitivity
• Deep ache in and around the eye
• Excessive tearing

5. Hyphema
• Pain
• Blurred vision

6. Orbital blowout fracture
• Pain
• Double vision
• Eyelid swelling
• Swelling around the eye
• Bruising
• A black eye is the result of blood pooling in the eyelids

7. Conjunctival lacerations
• Pain
• Redness
• A sensation that something is in the eye

8. Lacerations to the cornea and the sclera
• Decreased vision
• Pain

9. Foreign bodies
• A sensation that something is in the eye
• Tearing
• Blurred vision
• Light sensitivity

• Decreased vision
• Pain
• Double vision

• Eye pain
• Decreased vision

What to do to prevent eye damage?

1. Wear Sun Protection
• A lot of people come to the ER with burned corneas each summer.
• The sun shoots out rays of different lengths.
• The most damaging are the ultraviolet rays, which are classified as UVA and UVB.
• Most decent sunglasses protect against UVB.
• Some people like dark tints, but the UV-blocking coating is the same on any color.
• Polarized lenses may be more comfortable for workers outside because they block glare.
• Too much ultraviolet can accelerate the formation of cataracts.
• The hat-sunglasses combo should also be worn at the beach, amusement parks, bike rides, boating, or anyplace where there is prolonged sun exposure.

2. Wear Serious Eye Protection While Doing Home Projects
• For Chopping wood, hammering nails, sawdust, wear protection.

3. Protecting Eyes during Sports
• When playing most ball sports, eye protection is warranted.
• Most goods stores sell plastic, molded shields or masks appropriate for different sports.

4. Avoid or Protect Against Chemicals
• You can jump in a pool and if your eyes sting, it may mean the chemicals aren’t balanced.
• If the stinging persists for hours, you should get a doctor to take a look.
• To soothe irritated eyes, use artificial tears, not anti-redness drops.
• Be careful against poison ivy, oak, and sumac.
• It’s very bad when that gets into eyes.
• Wash it off.
• Infection can also get started from untreated lake or pond water getting under the lens.

5. Protect Against Oddball Events
• Pellet or dart guns
• Archery
• Fireworks
• Injury to LASIKed eyes
• Snapping bungee cords from tying down luggage.
• Battery acid from improperly jumped auto batteries.
• Just don’t forget those shades, activity-appropriate eye wear.

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