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What are different home remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? – Part 2

• The urinary tract is comprised of the kidneys, urethras, bladder, and urethra.
• A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection caused by pathogenic organisms.
• They can be bacteria, fungi, or parasites.
• The infection can be caused in any of the structures that comprise the urinary tract.
• The major structural segment involved such as urethritis (urethral infection), cystitis (bladder infection), urethra infection, and pyelonephritis (kidney infection).
• Other structures that eventually connect to or share close anatomic proximity to the urinary tract are prostate, epididymis, and vagina.
• The most common causes of UTI infections (about 80%) are E. coli bacterial strains that usually inhabit the colon.

Symptoms for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

• A frequent urge to urinate.
• Urination accompanied by pain or burning on urination.
• The urine often appears cloudy and occasionally dark.
• Blood may be present.
• The urine may develop an unpleasant odor.
• Women often have lower abdominal discomfort.
• Feel bloated.
• Experience sensations like their bladder is full.
• Women may also complain of a vaginal discharge.
• Men may complain of dysuria, frequency, and urgency.

Other symptoms may include pain associated with:
– Rectal
– Testicular
– Penile
– Abdominal

Home remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

1. Cornus
• Cornus is an herbal treatment that is used to stop Urinary Tract Infection.
• This is done by strengthening the kidneys.
• This herb helps with problems like incontinence, excessive sweating and a large volume of urination.
• The fruit of the plant is used in this treatment.
• This comes in the form of capsule.
• This can also be taken as a tea or as a tablet.

2. Dodder
• Dodder is a kidney herb.
• It is used for treating Urinary Tract Infection and kidney problems.
• The seed of the plant is used to create the capsules, tea or tablets.
• These are used in treating Urinary Tract Infection.
• Drink one to two cups a day when taking in the form of tea.

3. Valerian
• Valerian is used to treat urinary tract infection.
• This herb relaxes the muscles and stop muscle spasms which causes Urinary Tract Infection.

Urinary Tract Infection problem with children

• Alleviating any fears or stress by taking to the child.
• Encouraging the child to urinate at the start of the bedtime routine and just before actually going to bed in a daily basis.
• Ensuring that the child stays away from foods or beverages that have the smallest amount alcohol or caffeine.
• Habituate the child to a route urinating schedule.
• Treating conditions like constipation, either through a diet, or through traditional medication.
• Massaging the child’s inner thigh with wort oil helps in curing urination problem.
• Let the child drink six to eight oz. of cranberry juice.
• Make sure to leave a light on throughout the night in their bathroom to ensure that kid is comfortable.
• It is important for the child to drink less water before three to four hours of going to bed.
• During cold climate dress your child with warm and full sleeved clothes.
• This will help them remain warm which means less urination.
• Help the child to become normal and feel secure and loved.
• Never scold or make fun of the problem with children.
• Chewing the cinnamon bark once in a day is one of the common home remedy for urination.
• Try to avoid sweets, meat, artificial additives and too much of fruits.
• Mix Sarson powder in a cup of milk, and give to the child at night before going to bed.
• This will stops the bedwetting problem and is one of the good home remedy for urination problem.
• Some of the experts suggest that “Magnet Therapy” works.
• Take Neo tablets (Charak) in the dose of 1 to 2 tablets daily for at least two to three months.
• Some alternative therapies like shiatsu and reflexology have reported curing many of the cases positively.

Using herbs which can help alleviate stress and anxiety in children is recommended like:
• Lemon Balm
• Horsetail
• Zea Mays
• Corn silk

Certain herbs are effective in treating urination like:
• Causticum
• Pulsatilla
• Ursi
• Corn silk
• Lycopodium

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