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What are different home remedies for Winter Ailments? – Part 5

Winter ailments are the problems that arise during the winter season likely. They include conditions like:
• Cold
• Cough
• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Eczema
• Chapping of skin
• Cold sores
• Nasal congestion
• Sinusitis

Home remedies for Winter Ailments

55. Borax
• Take grind kheel of borax which is made by heating borax in an iron vessel so that it spreads and store in a bottle and dilute it.
• Take half gram to one gram of it twice or thrice with honey or warm water.

56. Honey and olive oil
• Boil one teaspoon of pure honey, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, half a cup of milk, and some garlic clove.
• Drink everyday this boiled mixture.
• This is an effective natural remedy for asthma.

57. Fenugreek seeds
• Boil some fenugreek seeds in 250 ml of water.
• Remove from flame when one-third of it is left.
• Add one teaspoonful of ginger juice and one teaspoonful of honey in it.
• It is highly beneficial for the asthma patients.

58. Turmeric and honey
• Turmeric can be taken along with honey in the morning on empty stomach to reduce the intensity of attack.
• It is one of the most useful natural remedy for asthma.

59. Dry pomegranate
• Peel dry pomegranate and keep them in a jar.
• Boil two raisins and some part of the peel in 250 ml of milk.
• Drink this milk twice a day.
• This is one of the good asthma remedies.

60. Linseeds
• Boil 20 grams of linseed in 300 grams of water.
• When one-third of water is left, sieve and add 10 grams of sugar candy.
• Drink one teaspoonful many times in an hour.
• This will help in the excretion of mucous that has dried up in the chest.
• This is also good home remedy for asthma.

61. Essential oil of juniper
• A few drops in hot water can act as good inhalant.
• It should not be used undiluted on the skin or handkerchief.

62. Jojoba oil
• It is a light, non greasy and a versatile eczema home remedy.
• It will not clog your pores.
• Use in on facial skin.
• It can clear up a rash overnight.

63. Coconut Oil
• This oil is a rich, delightful natural oil.
• Use virgin, unrefined coconut oil for best results.
• This can also be used as an overnight moisturizer for hair.

64. Water is nature’s #1 natural remedy for eczema
• Drink more water to cleanse and hydrate your body and keep your skin moist and supple.
• Take a steam bath to open pores and hydrate your skin.
• Be sure to moisturize afterwards.
• Use cold compresses to relieve the pain, stinging and itching of eczema inflammations.
• Wrap your skin in a cotton towel that is wetted with cool water to help soothe arms or legs that have a lot of eczema inflammations.

65. Homemade lotion
• Make a lotion out of crushed dandelion leaves, spearmint leaves, and a few drops of oil.
• Apply this lotion to your skin and allow it to remain on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
• This can act as an effective eczema cure.

66. Cleansing scrub
• Make a cleansing scrub by soaking a handful of nuts in a small quantity of water.
• Blend these nuts along with half an avocado as avocados contain healthy oils that help to protect and moisturize your skin.
• Massage your skin gently with this creamy natural exfoliating paste.
• You can then allow it to remain on your skin for about 10 minutes before you rinse it off.
• You can add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to this paste to help cleanse your skin of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells.

67. Fasting
• This gives your body and digestion a chance to rest.
• Most people do a vegetable juice fast or a raw vegetable and fruit fast.
• Some brave souls have done water fast but this is more intense and draining for the body.

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