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Discuss teen pregnancy problems? – Part 1

• Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in a female under the age of 20.
• A pregnancy can take place at any time after puberty.
• This is technically begins about two weeks before menarche (first menstrual period).
• A healthy, well-nourished girl has menarche taking place around the ages 12 or 13.
• It is the stage at which a female becomes potentially fertile.
• A teenage pregnancy depends on a number of personal and societal factors.
• Teenage pregnancy rates vary between countries.
• This may be because of differences in levels of sexual activity, general sex education provided and access to affordable contraceptive options.
• The body of a teen is still growing.
• She will need more nutritional support to meet both her needs and that of her baby.
• Nutritional counseling can be a large portion of prenatal care.
• This is usually done by a doctor or a midwife, sometimes a nutritionist.
• This counseling will usually include information about prenatal vitamins, folic acid.
• It also include dos and don’ts of eating and drinking.
• Lack of proper nutrition can lead to problems like anemia (low iron), low weight gain, etc.
• Another problem facing teen mothers is the use of drugs and alcohol and cigarette smoking.
• No amount of any of these substances is safe for use in pregnancy.
• Their use can complicate pregnancy even further.
• This increases the likelihood of premature birth and other complications.
• Premature birth and low birth weight create a wealth of their own problems.
• This includes brain damage, physical disabilities and more.
• Teen mothers are perfectly capable of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
• Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences any young woman can go through.
• The stress of pregnancy, revelation of pregnancy to parents and worry can be nerve-racking.
• Pregnancy especially during teen hood will never be easy.
• Health risks to the baby and children out of teen pregnancy are more likely to experience health, social, and emotional problems.
• An increased risk for complications like premature labor in teen pregnancy and socioeconomic consequences are present.
• In teenage pregnancy, both the baby and the mother are at risk in major areas of life such as school failure, poverty, and physical or mental illness.
• Pregnant teenagers may not seek proper medical care which is a bigger risk of medical complications.
• In their pregnancy, they need understanding, medical care, and education.
• The complications particularly arise in nutrition and complications of pregnancy.
• Pregnancy to teenagers brings all sorts of emotions.
• Some do not want their babies while some feel guilty and anxious while others feel that they need to baby to love.
• Depression is common during pregnancy in teenagers.
• A pregnant teenager may even require the help of a mental health professional.
• Teen pregnancy can be risky to unborn babies.
• The reason for lack of prenatal care is usually delayed pregnancy testing, denial or even fear of telling others about the pregnancy.
• Most states have a health department or university clinic where prenatal care is free or low cost.
• They have the patient confidentiality as very important.

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