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Discuss teen pregnancy problems? – Part 2

• Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in a female under the age of 20.
• A pregnancy can take place at any time after puberty.
• This is technically begins about two weeks before menarche (first menstrual period).
• A healthy, well-nourished girl has menarche taking place around the ages 12 or 13.

Teen pregnancy results to:
• Underweight babies
• Poor eating habits of the teenager
• Smoking
• Drinking tendencies of the pregnant girl
• Pregnant teens are less likely to seek prenatal care

What are preventive measures of teen pregnancy problems?

• Unwanted pregnancy can be prevented through open communication and providing guidance.
• Teens should be guided regarding sexuality, contraception, and risks and responsibilities of possible pregnancy.
• Sexual education and family life in schools can also prevent unwanted pregnancies.
• Support of family and love will greatly help pregnant teens.
• Use your Influence.
• Research is on your side.
• Have a point of view and express it.
• Practice clarifying your point of view and values by having discussions with your spouse and friends.
• You have to help the young person think about the reasons why teen pregnancy is not a good idea and convince them for the disadvantages.
• Look for opportunities for conversation.
• When talking to your teen, don’t make it personal to their situation.
• Kids may not choose to talk openly with parents about personal sexuality.
• Keep the discussions focused on the teen celebrity who is pregnant.
• Discuss ramifications of pregnancy fully.
• Discuss the short-term and long term consequences of having a baby and the responsibilities associated with being pregnant.
• Discuss of what it costs to have a baby.
• Discuss the specific ways that a teenager’s life changes when they become a parent.
• Hold open discussions.
• Lectures don’t work with teens.
• Teens will respond openly if they know that their opinions are welcomed.
• Avoid them not be scolded.
• Involve the young person in the discussion by asking open-ended questions.
• Point out how society sends Mixed messages About sex.
• Talk of sex fills the airwaves.
• Sex is used to sell everything from cars to perfume.
• Discuss Love versus Sex.
• Reassure the young person that They can come to you.
• Answer all questions openly and honestly.
• If you don’t know the answer, tell them that you will find out.
• Tell them often that you trust them to make good decisions.
• Be Encouraged.
• Your child will not welcome the conversation, but be assured that they are listening and taking in what you’re saying.
• All teenagers need encouragement to postpone sexual involvement.
• They need to give information on pregnancy prevention if they become sexually active.
• Adolescent pregnancy is viewed as a problem having to do exclusively with teenage girls.
• Overlooked are the teenage boys and men who share equally in this responsibility.
• Boys need pregnancy prevention information and services as well.
• Check in often.
• Your kids will not come to you to open this discussion; you have to go to them.

The Unplanned Pregnancy Book for Teens and College Students Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities & Joys Discipline from Birth to Three

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