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What are different home remedies for Vaginal Infection? – Part 1

• A Vaginal infection is a common condition with women.
• It is often shrugged off as being due to excessive vaginal discharge.
• Vaginal infection or Candida can prove to be extremely problematic if it is left untreated.
• Vaginal can transform from its benign form to an extremely infectious state and engulf most of the systems in the body, including the brain.
• Vaginal infections should be first treated with home remedies.
• This is all the more important if infection occurs during pregnancy– especially early pregnancy.
• Candida albicans, also known as Vaginal, is natural flora that exists in the intestines, mouth, and vagina.

Causes of Vaginal Infection

• Excess intake of sugar
• Pregnancy
• Birth control pills
• Hormonal supplements for menopause
• Chemical douches
• Spermicidal products
• Fissures caused by tampons
• Diabetes
• Lack of Hygiene
• Personal Contact
• Clothing

Signs of Vaginal Infection

• Vaginal itching
• Redness or inflammation in the vaginal area
• Antibiotics
• Weakened Immune System

Home Remedies for vaginal infection

• Prevent the growth of Vaginal.
• The idea is to let air circulate as much as possible.
• Try to keep the vaginal area dry and clean.
• Damp and moist environment helps Candida grow
• Avoid wearing tight clothes and sleep without tight undergarments.
• Do not dust cosmetic powder in the vaginal area. Most of these powders have a starch base, which is conducive to Vaginal growth.
• Do not use chemicals inside the vagina.
• Avoid douching with chemical formulations.
• Use lukewarm water mixed with vinegar.
• Use mineral oil, petroleum jelly or egg white for lubrication during intercourse.
• These are devoid of chemicals and will not irritate.
• Avoid using baby oils, as they contain perfume and can cause irritation.
• Petroleum jelly is not advisable for use with condoms.
• Use plain water for washing.
• Sit baths are a super way of cleaning and douching.
• Mix salt or vinegar (half cup) to a shallow bath and sit with knees apart.This relieves the itching sensation.
• Avoid having intercourse during a vaginal infection..This increases irritation and can also be passed on to your partner.
• No Candida treatment is complete without dietary control.
• Avoid sugary foods, carbohydrates and commercial foods that contain chemical additives and preservatives.
• During the infection, eat at least three to four glasses of yogurt. This will reward with a complete vaginal Candida cure.
• Yogurt contains bacterium that inhibits the growth of Vaginal and should be consumed on a daily basis.
• Apply an antifungal soap, powder, cream or ointment, to speed up the healing process.
• Tea tree oil is quite effective in treating vaginal infections. Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in water and apply it on to the affected area. This remedy disrupts the pH balance of the skin.
• Drink as much water to flush out toxins and fight Vaginal Infection to its best.
• Dilute Clorox baths or soaks (approximately ¼ cup household Clorox bleach in one bathtub of water) is also helpful in removing Vaginal In fection.

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