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What are different home remedies for Underweight?

• When the weight of a person is much below his or her ideal weight, then he or she is termed as underweight.
• The ideal weight is calculated in proportion to the age and height of the person.
• Undernourishment is the major cause for being underweight.

Causes of being Underweight

• Genetics
• Poor nutrition
• Lack of sleep
• Stress
• No exercising
• Unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking

Weight loss could be caused by certain diseases like:
• hyperthyroidism
• chronic diarrhea or constipation
• intestinal worms
• inadequate digestion
• dental pain
• metabolic disorders
• sexual disorders
• hormonal imbalance
• eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
• inflammatory bowel disease
• chronic dyspepsia
• tuberculosis
• depression
• type 1 diabetes
• cancer
• other similar diseases

Home Remedies for Underweight

• Banana is very useful in gaining weight fast.
• You can either eat bananas as it is or by making banana milk shakes.
• In case of kids it is better to give them banana milk shakes.
• Eating three bananas in a day is very effective.
• Eat one bowl of curd after that.
• You can also drink one glass of milk after eating banana.

• Eat plenty of fruits and drink plenty of milk.
• Fruits and milk both are very rich source of vitamins and minerals.

• Eating muskmelon thrice in a day is also effective way of gaining weight.
• For forty days follow this remedy.
• In a day you should consume about three kilograms of muskmelon.
• This quantity can be slowly increased as per the need of the body.

• Have mango milk shakes in the season of mangoes, as mangoes helps in gaining weight.
• You can also eat one mango and then drink one glass of milk for gaining weight.
• Doing this remedy for one month will surely help you in gaining weight.

Milk and honey
• Add some honey in one glass of milk and have it before going to bed in the nighttime.

Dates and almonds
• Add dates, anjeer and almonds in a mixer jar and then grind all this together.
• Then add this in one cup of milk and boil it.
• Drinking this milk is useful treatment for underweight people.

• Add raisins to your diet.
• Eat them on a daily basis.
• One can see the difference in the weight post one month.

• Add pomegranate seed powder, museli powder and Indian ginseng root powder in one glass of warm milk.
• Drink it two times a day for about one month.
• This is one of the very effective home remedies for underweight.

• Soak some dry figs in water for overnight and have it two times a day.

• Papayas are also effective in gaining weight and hence eat papaya after having meals.

Enjoy foods like:
• Rice
• Flour
• Figs
• Dates
• Butter
• Wheat
• Vegetables
• Fruits of all kind

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