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What are different home remedies for Vaginal Infection? – Part 2

• A Vaginal infection is a common condition with women.
• It is often shrugged off as being due to excessive vaginal discharge.
• Vaginal infection or Candida can prove to be extremely problematic if it is left untreated.
• Vaginal can transform from its benign form to an extremely infectious state and engulf most of the systems in the body, including the brain.
• Vaginal infections should be first treated with home remedies.
• This is all the more important if infection occurs during pregnancy– especially early pregnancy.
• Candida albicans, also known as Vaginal, is natural flora that exists in the intestines, mouth, and vagina.

Causes of Vaginal Infection

• Excess intake of sugar
• Pregnancy
• Birth control pills
• Hormonal supplements for menopause
• Chemical douches
• Spermicidal products
• Fissures caused by tampons
• Diabetes
• Lack of Hygiene
• Personal Contact
• Clothing

Signs of Vaginal Infection

• Vaginal itching
• Redness or inflammation in the vaginal area
• Antibiotics
• Weakened Immune System

Home Remedies for vaginal infection

Tea Tree oil with Antifungal Properties
• Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar – one part of white vinegar to four part of water.
• Soak the infected area for 20 to 30 minutes twice day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
• Dilute a cup of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water.
• Use this diluted solution to wash the affected skin.
• Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and can easily help kill off the fungal strains.

• Fill a basin with one quart of water and add two spoons of betadine in the basin.
• Soak the infected area in the warm water and betadine solution to get rid of any microbes.
• This also helps prevent bacterial infections from spreading in the infected area and making you sick.

• One of the greatest of all fungus-fighting foods is yogurt that contains live acidophilus.
• Acidophilus helps control vaginal infections.

Diet for Vaginal Infections

• Foods high in vitamins, mineral and nutrients generally strengthen your immune system.
• If your immune system is strong then the body is able to fight off the Vaginal infection.
Foods that are regarded as being bad for Vaginal infections:
• Acidic foods
• Alcohol
• Cheese (made from bovine milk)
• Chocolate
• Coffee, aerated drinks or any caffeinated beverage
• Corn syrup
• Food additives
• Hydrogenated fats
• Junk food like pizza, hotdogs and hamburgers
• Mono sodium glutamate
• Refined oil
• Salt (table salt and refined salt)
• Spicy food
• Sugar
The foods that are believed to be good for certain types of Vaginal infections include:
• Yogurt (The plain and unflavored kind)
• Garlic
• Onions
• Vinegar
• Oatmeal
• Applesauce
• Mashed beans

Healthy and Balanced Diet

• Avoid eating baked products and products that have high Vaginal content in them.
• Avoid alcohol, sugar, cola drinks and grains.
• Eat a healthy and a balanced diet, avoid processed foods.
• Your diet must include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
• Avoid fried and greasy food.
• Garlic has a good antifungal property.
• Eat raw garlic or include it in your diet.

Simple tips to stop spreading

• Wash your hands with soap and water after coming into contact with the infected area.
• After bathing, wash out the tub or shower with an antiseptic cleaner such as Lysol.
• Don’t share towels, and keep your linens and towels clean.
• Wash your socks twice in extra-hot water to kill Vaginal spores.
• Never wear the same pair of socks more than once without washing them first.
• Wear thongs in public showers.
• Keep your infected area dry, and use over-the-counter treatments to clear your infection quickly.

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