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What are different home remedies for Menopausal Disorders?

• Menopause is a significant phase in the reproductive cycles of the women.
• Menopausal disorders pose various problems to women.
• It is the stage where female ovaries stops to produce eggs.
• This stage is marked by reduced production of estrogen and progesterone.
• The hormones eventually come to a halt.

Causes of Menopausal Disorders

• Ageing
• Changes in estrogen and progesterone hormone

Symptoms of Menopausal Disorders

• Heart pounding or racing
• Hot flashes
• Night sweats
• Skin flushing
• Sleeping disorders
• Low libido
• Reduced sex drive
• Forgetfulness
• Headaches
• Menstrual disorders
• Irritability
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Urine leakage
• Vaginal dryness
• Sexual intercourse becomes painful
• Vaginal infections
• Joint aches and pains
• Irregular heartbeat (palpitations)

Home Remedies for Menopausal Disorders

• Due to deficiency of ovarian hormones there can be calcium deficiency.
• Taking calcium supplements can help to a great extent.
• One should also take Vitamin D.
• Vitamin D helps in assimilation of calcium.
• Menopausal disorders can also be treated with Beet Juices. One should take 60 to 90 ml of juice at a time. Take the juice three times a day.
• One should use carrot seeds to recover from the menopausal tension.
• One should boil one teaspoon of the seeds in a glass of cow’s milk. Take this concoction daily to set the things right.
• Liquorice is also useful in treating menopausal disorders. Take one teaspoon of liquorice daily to handle the menopausal disorders.
• The herb called Indian spikenard is also an excellent home remedy for menopausal disorders.
• Exercising regularly will help a lot in this condition.

To increase your levels of estrogen try increasing your consumption of plants which contain estrogenic substances. They are:
• Alfalfa
• Soybeans
• Soy sprouts
• Crushed flaxseeds
• Garlic
• Green beans
• Sesame seeds
• Wheat
• Yams
• Pumpkin seeds
• Cucumbers
• Corn
• Apples
• Anise seeds
• Cabbage
• Beets
• Olive oil
• Olives
• Papaya
• Oats
• Peas
• Sunflower seeds

How to reduce hot flashes?

• Drink 8 glasses of steam-distilled water.
• Take 800 mg of evening primerose oil.
• Take it three times a day.

Hot Flashes Reducing Tincture
• 2 teaspoons of cohosh root tincture.
• 1 teaspoon of don quai root tincture.
• 1 teaspoon of sarsaparilla tincture.
• 1 teaspoon of licorice root tincture.
• 1 teaspoon of chaste tree tincture.
• 1 teaspoon ginseng root tincture.
• Mix all the ingredients and take 3 dropper-fulls a day.

Diet Recommendations

• Increase the consumption of vitamin D. Some of the foods rich in vitamin D are:
– Beef
– Bread
– Cheese
– Eggs
– Milk
– Breakfast cereal
The diet for a female suffering from menopausal disorder must include:
– Fruits
– Nuts
– Vegetables
– Sprouted seeds
– Alfalfa
– Soybeans
– Cabbage
– Olive oil

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