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What is the MOMO syndrome?

MOMO syndrome is a very rare congenital disease.

Overview of MOMO Syndrome

• This belongs to the overgrowth syndromes.
• It has been diagnosed in exactly six cases round the world.
The name is associate degree form of the four primary aspects of the disorder.
– Macrosomia (excessive birth weight)
– Obesity
– Macrocephaly (excessive head size)
– Ocular abnormalities
• It is unknown if it’s a life-limiting condition.
• MOMO syndrome was 1st diagnosed in 1993 by faculty member Célia Priszkulnik Koiffmann.
• He was a Brazilian scientist within the Genetic and Clinical Studies of neurodevelopmental disorders.
• It refers to the historically tall and fat king of Carnivals, Momus—Rei Momo in Portuguese.

Signs and symptoms of MOMO Syndrome

Along with the four aspects of the disorder that provides it its name, there are different common symptoms:
• Large birth size
• Large birth weight
• Large head
• Eye abnormalities
• Retinal coloboma
• Nystagmus
• Down sloping house between eyelids
• Mental retardation
• Delayed bone maturation
• Obesity
• Delayed tooth eruption
• Large mouth
• Tall stature
• Eyelid coloboma
• Glaucoma
• Impaired vision
• A downward slant of the forehead
• Delayed bone maturation
• Mental retardation

The ocular abnormalities square measure typically:
• Retinal coloboma
• nystagmus

Causes of MOMO /syndrome

The follow list shows a number of the potential medical causes of MOMO syndrome that are listed by the Diseases Database:
• Hydrocephalus
• Post-maturity
• Grand multiparity
• Marshall-Smith-Weaver syndrome
• Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome
• Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome
• Soto’s syndrome
• Gestational polygenic disease
• Multiple physiological conditions
• Hydatidiform mole
• Nesidioblastosis
• ABCD syndrome

• MOMO syndrome is transmitted in associate degree chromosome dominant pattern.
• Because MOMO is such a rare disorder, analysis suggests that it’s connected to a DE novo (new) chromosome dominant mutation.

Home Diagnostic Testing for MOMO Syndrome

These home medical diagnostic tests are also relevant to MOMO syndrome:
• Child Behavior: Home Testing
o ADHD — Home take a look at Kits
o Concentration — Home Testing
• Child General Health: Home Testing
o Asthma-Related Home Tests
o Home hypersensitivity reaction Tests
o Home Cold & contagious disease Tests
o Home polygenic disease Tests
o Home Drug Tests
o Sleep symptom Tests
o Home Strep A Tests
o Home Hearing Tests
o Home Ear Infection Tests

• Cold & Flu: Home Testing
o Home Fever Tests
o Home Ear Infection take a look at Kits
o Home contagious disease Tests

• Vision & Eye Health: Home Testing
o Home Eye Tests
o Home Vision Tests

MOMO syndrome: analysis Doctors & Specialists

• Child Health Specialists (Pediatrics)
– Pediatrics Adolescent medication

• Neonatal-Perinatal medication
• Pediatric / Adolescent psychopathology
• Pediatric hypersensitivity reaction and medicine
• Pediatric medicine
• Pediatric vital Care medication
• Pediatric dental medicine
• Pediatric medical specialty
• Pediatric organic process activity Health

Pediatric Medicine

• Pediatric medical specialty
• Pediatric medical specialty
• Pediatric haematology

Pediatric communicable disease medication

• Pediatric Medical pharmacological medicine
• Pediatric medical specialty
• Pediatric Neurology
• Pediatric surgery

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