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How is binge eating disorder and obesity related?

There has been a study conducted with an objective to find out the connection between obesity and the condition of binge eating disorder (BED).

• Etiology
• Risk factors
• Pathophysiology
• Treatment

• The study showed that this order known as BED might contribute to increased obesity in many individuals especially those who are susceptible to it.
• The treatments pertaining to eating disorders when obesity was absent did not lead to much loss of weight.
• Small loss of weight or minimal regain of weight does not improve binge eating disorder.

Binge Eating and Weight Gain that is Unhealthy
• Binge eaters take in lot of calories with a meal.
• A normal amount may be about consumption of 20,000 calories at a time.
• Overeating episodes every now and then will lead to overweight which is nothing but obesity.
• This is especially true in many individuals but it is also true that for some people, there was not much effect of these calories.
• They succeeded in maintaining normal weight.

How can binge eating be treated?

• Taking a treatment for eating disorder is usually helpful for those who tend to binge eat.
Binge eating may start due to:
– Stress
– Inability to deal with emotions
– Boredom
– Depression
– outbursts of hostility
Such people are provided with:
• Therapy sessions
• Help to deal with psychological aspects

Effects of Binge Eating Disorder

A nauseous feeling or a guilty conscience is the most often outcome of binge eating but there are many other severe results of long-term overeating, which includes:
– Heart disease
– Depression
– Elevated blood pressure
– Kidney Disease
– Drastic mood changes
– Stroke
– Disease of the gallbladder
– Cancer
– Loss of a job
– High cholesterol
– Insomnia
– Poor school performance
– Diabetes (type 2)
• To stop the effects of binge eating take over your body, it is crucial to identify in its early stages.
• It is very important to jot down a perfect plan to treat this disorder.
• It should be done prior to the effect to take a toll over the body.

Treatment of Weight loss and Eating Disorder

• It is always asked whether the considerable weight loss should occur prior or after the treatment.
• To do so, one has to deal with the emotional cause rather than the outward obesity.
• Some say outside change is much more important than emotional cause.
• Bariatric gastric bypass surgery is one such method to take in more in a meal
• But along with this combining psychological counseling is essential.
• A combined step would enhance weight loss on a larger ground.
• A residential treatment for eating disorder is the best method.
• This will provide the person with both therapy and also a healthy meal.
• Thus this helps with all the causes of BED.

In general, a residential program includes:
• healthy meal plan
• art therapy
• cognitive behavioral therapy

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