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What are different home remedies for Migraine?

• A migraine is a common type of Migraine headache.
• This may occur with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light.
• A throbbing pain is felt only on one side of the head.
• Some patients feel an aura, before the actual Migraine headache begins.
• An aura is a group of symptoms, including vision disturbances that are a warning sign that a bad Migraine headache is coming.

Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

• Neck pain
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Muscle tightness
• Tension in the shoulders, jaws and scalp
• Irregular eating
• Sleeping patterns
• Sinus Migraine headaches and migraines are due to blockages in sinus and excessive cold or heat.
• Nausea
• Stiff neck
• Disorientation
• Fever
• Ear and eye pain

Causes of Migraine Headache

• Allergy
• Emotional stress
• Eye strain
• High blood pressure
• Hangover
• Infection
• Low blood sugar
• Nutritional deficiency
• Tension
• Presence of poisons and toxins in the body

Foods that might trigger Migraine headaches are:
• Milk and milk products
• Chocolate
• Chicken
• Liver
• Alcohol
• Strong cheese
• Sneezing
• Diarrhea

Migraine Headache Cures and Remedies

Natural Migraine headache Cure using Lemon
• The juice of three or four slices of lemon can be squeezed in a cup of tea and then it should be taken by the patient for treating this condition.
• It gives immediate relief from Migraine headache.
• The crust of lemon, which is generally thrown away is very useful in Migraine headaches that is caused by heat.
• Lemon crusts should be pounded into a fine paste in a mortar and applied as paste coating on the forehead.
• Applying the yellow, freshly pared-off rind of a lemon to each temple.
• This will also give relief from Migraine headache.

Cure Migraine headaches Naturally using Apple
• Apples are valuable in curing all types of Migraine headaches.
• Remove the upper rind and the inner hard portion of a ripe apple.
• Then it should be taken with a little salt.
• Take it every morning on an empty stomach.
• Continue this for about a week.

Natural Migraine headache Remedy using Henna
• The flowers of henna have been found valuable.
• This helps in curing Migraine headaches caused by hot sun.
• The flowers should be rubbed in vinegar and applied on the forehead.
• This remedy will provide relief from Migraine headache.

Migraine headache Remedy using Cinnamon
• Cinnamon is useful in Migraine headaches that are caused when exposed to cold air.
• A fine paste of this spice should be prepared by mixing it with water.
• Then apply over the temples and forehead.
• This will provide relief from Migraine headache.

Migraine headache Treatment using Marjoram
• The herb marjoram is useful in the treatment of a nervous Migraine headache.
• An infusion of the leaves should be taken as a tea.
• This is used in the treatment of this disorder.

Migraine headache Treatment using Rosemary
• The herb rosemary has been found valuable in treating Migraine headaches that result from cold.
• A handful of this herb should be boiled in a liter of water and poured in a mug.
• The head should be covered with a towel.
• Steam should be inhaled for as long as the patient can bear.
• This should be repeated till the Migraine headache is relieved.

Diet for Migraine Headaches

• Proper Nutrition
• Exercise
• Positive Thinking

Other Migraine headache Remedies
• Water Treatment
• Hot Foot Bath
• Yogic kriyas like jalneti and kunjal.
• Pranayama’s like anulomaviloma, shitali and sitkari.
Asanas like:
• Uttanpadasana
• Sarvangasana
• Paschimottanasana
• Halasana
• Shavasana

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