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What are common teenager’s health issues? – Part 3

What is an Acne Problem?

• One of the most common teen health issues is the appearance of acne on the face, back and neck.
• Acne can last throughout the teen years and into the early twenties.

General Treatment for Acne contd…
• Soak some seeds of Indian Plum in water overnight.
• When they become soft enough, mash and apply them on face.
• Wash the face after the mixture dries.
• Prepare a paste by mixing two parts of almond extract, seven parts of camphor extract and some rose water and sandalwood powder.
• Use this face pack regularly for effective home treatment of Blemishes on face.
• Mix two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of rose water and some cucumber juice.
• Apply the resultant solution on dark patches to get rid of Acne.
Highly beneficial natural remedies can be used to treat acne like:
– orange peels
– tomato juice
– lemon juice
– coconut water
– sandalwood powder
– other natural skin lightening agents

Problem of Substance Abuse in Teenagers

• According to research by the Children’s Hospital of Boston, “A high proportion of 14- to-18-year-olds have diagnosed disorders related to the use of alcohol or drugs.”
• Substance abuse is an overwhelming problem for educators and parents today, because it is so common among teenagers.
• Substance abuse in the teenage years is thought to be highly dangerous for brain growth and functioning.

Some of the symptoms of drug or alcohol use are:
– slow reactions
– poor decision-making abilities
– impaired coordination
– slurred speech

Self-Esteem and Body Image

• Teenage boys and girls alike suffer through numerous body changes.
• Some feel too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall.
• As a teen’s body changes, a teen’s self-image changes.
• Trouble adjusting can affect self-esteem and body image (the way you feel about your own physical appearance).
• This all links to how others, particularly schoolmates, will view you.
• People who experience negative or hurtful comments about their appearance also promote poor body image and self-esteem.

Problem of Bullying in Teenagers

• Bullying affects millions of teenagers, causing thousands to fear going to school each day.
• Because adults in their lives don’t always witness the bullying, the children may not understand exactly how extreme it can get.

Problem of Depression in Teenagers

• Teenagers may exhibit depression symptoms in various ways.
• Irritability and quickness to anger do not always trigger parents to recognize depression.
• Declined interest in activities, changes in sleep patterns and eating habits, preferred isolation and dropping grades, are signs of depression.
• There should be no judgment or criticism from parents.
• Depression affects a person’s thoughts.
• It also seems that a person’s thoughts can affect depression.
• Some experts believe that depression comes from anger that is not expressed.
• It is directed inward at oneself instead.
• Others believe that negative thoughts feed depression.
• People who think negative things about themselves, the world around them, and the future encourage and deepen the depression.
• Feelings of being helpless and of having no choices also can be mental components of depression.
• People who have low self-esteem and perfectionists who set unrealistic goals for they also are prone to depression.
• A person in mourning goes through distinct stages of psychological reaction to the loss, ending with the ability to accept the loss and resume normal functioning.
• With depression, the sadness continues over a long time with no progress being made toward acceptance of the change.
• There is no way to predict which environmental stresses will trigger depression in specific individuals.

SOS Help for Emotions Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression 100 Interactive Activities for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery

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