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What is homeopathic treatment for arthritis? – Part 2

• Arthritis, a problem that afflicts a large number of people, means inflammation of a joint.
• Arthritis is normally caused due to damage to or destruction of parts of joints in the body.
• There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis.

Arthritis and Homeopathy

• Homeopathy helps in aiding the body’s own defense.
• It helps to stimulate a person’s own healing abilities.
• This is considered a more natural approach.
• The treatment aids in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with this disease.
• It offers a long-term treatment.
• In homeopathy the focus is on individual symptoms, that is the symptoms being experienced by the specific individual.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Causticum?

• This remedy is usually recommended when over a period of time, there is development of deformities in the joints.
• The remedy is suggested in a person with:
– A tendency toward tendon problems
– Muscle weakness
– Contractures
• The hands and fingers are quite affected.
• Other joints are also involved.
• Stiffness and pain are worse when it is cold.
• There is ample relief that comes with warmth.
• A person who needs this remedy often feels best during the rainy season.
• Pain and discomfort is worse when the days are clear and dry.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Calcarea Fluorica?

• This remedy is very helpful when arthritic pains improve.
• They show improvement with heat and motion.
• Useful in the cases when joints become:
– Enlarged
– Hard
– Nodes or deformities develop
• Arthritis caused after chronic injury to joints can respond to a number of treatments, with Calcarea fluorica being very useful.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Dulcamara?

• If arthritis pain increases in cold damp weather then this remedy can be taken.
• Sometimes after the person gets cold or wet, this remedy, Dulcamara, is recommended.
People needing Dulcamara are:
– Often stout
– With a tendency toward back pain
– Chronic stiffness in the muscles
– Allergies

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Kali bich?

• When arthritic pains alternate with conditions of asthma or stomach symptoms, then this remedy is recommended.
• Pains usually suddenly come and go.
• Pain may shift around.
• Discomfort and inflammation are elevated due to heat.
• This becomes worse especially in warm weather.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Kali carb?

• Arthritis which is accompanied with a high degree of stiffness and stitching pains is recommended to be treated with this remedy.
• The pain worsens in the early morning hours.
• They also worsen due to cold and dampness.
• In such cases, there may be a response to this remedy.
• This is true in people where the joints have become deformed or thickened.
People who need this remedy:
– Tend to feel anxiety in the stomach.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Kalmia?

• When the arthritic pain is intense and increases up suddenly in a person, this remedy is recommended for such people.
• This is true when problems start in higher joints.
• This pain extends to lower ones.
• Pain and inflammation may start in the elbows.
• Then it spreads downward.
• It spreads to the wrists and hands.
• Discomfort is worst when in motion.
• It is very worse during night.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Ledum?

• Arthritis which usually begins in lower joints and spreads to higher ones is given this remedy.
• Patients who have problems as described above usually respond to this remedy.
• Pain and inflammation start in the toes.
• It then spreads upward.
• It spreads to the ankles and knees.
• The joints can be heard making cracking sounds.
• Ledum provides a good response in cases specially when the swelling is more.
• It can be relieved by cold applications.

Who needs homeopathic treatment using Pulsatilla?

If the arthritis pain is:
– Changeable in quality
– Flare-ups
– Move from place to place
– Prominent even on gentle motions
• It relieves the pain.
• The symptoms feel worse when there is warmth.
• It is better from fresh air.
• It feels good with cold applications.
People who need this remedy are:
• Emotional
• Affectionate
• Sometimes have tearful moods

Other homeopathic remedies are:
• Rhododendron
• Rhus tox
• Ruta grav

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