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What is Diarrhea? Some homeopathic treatment for Diarrhea – Part 2

What is Diarrhea?

• Diarrhea refers to the frequent passage of loose or watery unformed stools.
• This implies that watery stools are passed at least 3 – 4 times in a day.
• Diarrhea is one of the most common of all digestive problems.
• Diarrhea may occur independently or sometimes as a symptom of a specific medical condition or disease that requires specific treatment.
• Diarrhea although symptomatic, simply requires mild treatments.

Homeopathic Treatment for Diarrhea

4. Chamomilla
The person with following symptoms needs this remedy:
• Hot, green, watery diarrhea
• Abdominal pain
• Gas
• Face of the person will be red.
• Problems worsens from warmth
• Irritable and extremely angry
• Hypersensitive

5. Colocynthis
The person with following symptoms needs this remedy
• Cutting pains
• Cramping pains in the abdomen
• Relief felt from doubling over
• Feels better by putting hard pressure on the abdomen
• Diarrhea follows anger

6. Gelsemium
This remedy is often recommended to a person with following symptoms:
• Trembling
• Weakness
• Nervousness
• Fear
• Emotional upset
Gelsemium is also helpful with flu with diarrhea. The person has:
– Droopy lethargy
– Fever
– Chills
– Headache

7. Ipecacuanha
The person will need this remdy when nausea sensation is accompanied with diarrhea. The person will have the following symptoms:
• Cutting pains
• Clutching pains are worse around the navel
• The diarrhea looks frothy or green

8. Phosphorus
This remedy is recommended to a person with the following symptoms:
• Person has a weak feeling
• Empty feeling in the abdomen
• Diarrhea that runs out like a flush
• People are often thirsty

9. Podophyllum
This remedy is required by a person who has the following symptoms:
• Profuse dehydration
• Gushing and watery diarrhea
• It is not accompanied by pain
• Abdomen rumbles
• Gurgles before the diarrhea
• Urge to pass is often, often worses in the morning.
• Hot weater makes it more worse.

10. Pulsatilla
This remedy is indicated to a person who has got diarrhea after ingesting rich and fatty foods. The person will have following symptoms:
• Queasiness
• Abdominal pain
• Diarrhea has a changeable appearance
• Feels worse from being warm
• Feels worse in a stuffy room
• Feels better in open air
• Attention, Sympathy and Comforting needed.

11. Sulphur
This remedy is indicated to a person who has urgent and hot diarrhea that usually occurs in the early morning. The person has the following symptoms:
• The person rushes to the bathroom
• Burning felt in the digestive tract
• The anus can be itchy and red
• Irritated anus
• Have hemorrhoids that burn and itch

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

Several homeopathic physicians recommend the usage of the remedies be used as follows:
• Take one dose
• Wait for a response
• If improvement is seen, it is best to wait for the remedy to work.
• If improvement lags then another dose can be taken.
• The frequency of dosage differs with the condition.
• It also differs from individual to individual.
• A dose may be needed several times an hour in some cases
• In other cases, a dose may be needed several times a day.
• In some other cases, one dose per day is enough.
• If there is no response then after waiting for some time, it is best to switch to another remedy.

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