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What are homeopathic treatment for hair fall? – Part 1

• Hair loss has been a problem for very long.
• People have tried several treatments for hair loss.
• Hair loss is not life threatening but can be psychological and depressing.
• There is a stereotype effect in the society regarding baldness especially in women.
• Hair loss affects 35 million men and 21 million women.

Psychology of Hair Loss

• Additional stress can be felt in people who suffer from hair loss.
• This stress can add to future hair loss.
• A person with a full head is rated as handsome, virile, strong, active, and sharp.

Causes of Hair Loss

• Genetic predisposition
• Autoimmune disease
• Hormonal disorders
• Hyperthyroidism
• Skin diseases
• Psoriasis
• Eczema
• Dermatitis
• Radiation therapy
• Chemotherapy
• Cancer
• Nutritional deficiency
• Deficiency of iron, vitamins and zinc
• Excessive combing
• Burns
• Menopause
• High grade fever
• Major surgery
• Hemorrhage
• Certain drug intake
• Starvation
• Chemical exposure
• Renal dysfunction

Diagnosis of the cause of hair loss

It mainly includes detailed:
• medical history
• full blood count
• serum iron
• renal function test
• thyroid function test
• liver function testy
• microscopic examination of hair

What is the aim of hair loss treatment?

• Control hair loss
• Bring it within normal limits
• Reduce the pace of deterioration
• Stabilize the thinning of hair
• Detailed case taking
• Use of advanced diagnostic technique – Folliscope
• Determining the constitutional homeopathic treatment
• External homeopathic application
• Providing detailed nutritional guidelines
• Administering Swiss Polarized Rays (SPR) therapy
• Providing expert advice on hair management
• Examining the type of hair
• Examine the condition of scalp

Hair loss Treatment

• Cause and the medical condition are two aspects on which the treatment for hair loss depends.
• Homeopathy is one of the holistic systems of medicine.
• Homeopathy treats hair loss and also the underlying cause.
• It also treats the individual susceptibility.

Homeopathic treatment of hair loss that can be selected on the basis of:
• Cause
• Location
• Modalities
• Extension of the hair loss

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

The following are the listed homeopathic treatment available for hair loss treatment:
1. Phosphorous
This remedy is effective for patients who suffer from:
• Falling of hair in bunches
• Patches in spots
• Dandruff
• Uncontrolled itchiness of the scalp

Patients turning highly sensitive to:
• light
• sound
• odours
• touch
• thunderstorms

Patients becoming:
• Restless
• Excitable
• Nervous to sudden moments

The medicine affecting the kidneys:
• Albuminuria
• Haematuria

Patient has:
• Profuse
• Pale
• Watery urine
• Severe weakness

2. Acid Phos
This remedy is effective for patients who suffer from:
• falling of hair from head
• falling of hair from eye-brows
• falling of hair from eye- lashes and genitals
• grief

3. Fluoric acid
This remedy is effective for patients who suffer from:
• loss of hair
• especially after fevers
• loses hair in spots from the scalp
• hair loss due to syphilis
• too much of clinging of hair
• falling out of hair after typhoid

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